Safety Day '15 (Part 2)

Hey folks!!
And now is the time for the promised second post! This could very well be a milestone in blog history. My blog history, at least. I almost think this may be more of a catalog for my own thoughts since I haven't posted in forever, but a few people read the last one, so I'd hate to disappoint them with no follow up post. So where was I? Ah yes, back to the retelling of the events of Brandon Safety Day 2015. Well, here go some more pictures, this time coming from Hannah's camera!
Engine 4, our first due truck for accidents. I wasn't driving it (unfortunately)...
Mom trying out the officer's seat in Engine 4. :) She's going to join the department so she can see me more often! LOL

The eager crowd gives themselves a tour of Engine 3, our first-due engine for chimney fires.
Leah checking out the TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera) She gave me the dandelion that is in my bunker pants. :)
Looks like we have a wannabe firefighter...
Joe and Jonathan... fire engine surfing???
Teaching time! A few of the other guys, I think that's Firefighter Brady Cook on the left with the Pepsi bottle, worked together to teach the kids fire safety.
Jeremiah really enjoyed the smoke! We'll have to teach him not to like it so much!! :D
Teaching the kids to bail out of windows.
Firefighter Cheyenne Reed reads a fire safety story to the kids while Firefighters Jason Martin, Kyle Hutchins, and Brady Cook look at the service entry to the school.
Firefighters Cheyenne Reed, Riley Kenny, Jake Bertrand, and me marching to the playground.
Firefighters myself and Jake Bertrand going on air before getting some exercise with the kids.
Firefighters me, Jake Bertrand, and Riley Kenny
It's getting redundant typing our names... us guys marching up the slide.
I was the only one who actually ended up making it to the bottom...
Two of us made it through the tube. It's similar in size to the hoop in the Drager trailer.

I know y'all are probably getting tired of pictures of me, so here's a picture of Jake for y'all.
Firefighter Riley Kenny attempting to get motion sick! Haha!
Me making other kids motion sick! I went a little fast for Ruthie.
See-saw time!! The kids loved this one!

"911, state your emergency." "Uh, there's a T-Rex in my back yard..." I tried the 911 simulator out and was severely disappointed when the call finished up with, "Good job, help is on the way. You can hang up now." "Heyyyyy....."
Brandon's crusier backseats are waaaay more comfortable than Enfield PDs seats!!! (click the link if you wonder how I know that :) )
I tried to steer them back to fire trucks, but they insisted on looking at the cruisers. ;)

Well folks, that concludes the final part of Brandon Safety Day 2015! I look forward to posting again next year!
Have a good night!!


  1. One small question,how could someone not make it too the bottom on that slide,I do not think I have ever seen one that steep.

    1. If you can't even make it through the opening at the top, you can't make it to the bottom. ;)

  2. TheronG6/01/2015

    For some reason I happen to look at your blog and find not one but TWO new posts! Two quite interesting posts, I should add.


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