New Baby, New Truck

Howdy y'all! I have a (very cute) new little baby brother. His name is Jeremiah.

I was the first kid to hold him. I had to leave for work.
Naturally, I celebrated by buying another vehicle and selling the one I had. Joe bought my Ford Windstar and I bought a Toyota Tundra.
And... that is a very condensed post of what's been happening lately. It's also my last post being 18. It's also the last thing I'm doing tonight. It's a lot of things, now that I think of it. It's the precursor to a longer post at a later date.
Y'all have a good night and blessed week!!
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. I am surprised it took you a month to put up a post about that "new" brother of yours.

    1. Me too. I posted it on social media though, so everyone knew a while ago.

  2. TheronG11/12/2014

    Happy birthday to both! And truck too. I see you've finally realized that the Japanese and Germans make the best cars.

    1. Thanks bud! I agree, the Yota is more car than it is truck. Ford makes the best trucks. ;)


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