Another Way Overdue Update!

Howdy y'all!
So much has happened lately and I haven't time or enthusiasm to write a blog post, but it's about time to recharge and post something. Don't y'all think so? I'm sure you've probably been busy living yourselves though, so I'm sure my posts weren't too badly missed. :)
I just realized I haven't posted since I joined the Fire Department! I guess I'll talk about this first, then. Back in June (June 25th, to be exact) I became a firefighter and I have enjoyed it since. Ever since I was a little boy, I had wanted to be a firefighter. After all, fire trucks are cool and burning stuff is awesome, right? At least that's what my little boy mind thought. :D Then I kind of reached the lazy stage, where being a firefighter would be too much work (I could have joined at 15 as a junior member), and now as an 18-year-old, (Lord willing, a little more mature with my decision making) I finally joined the department to help people.
Wannabe firefighter on a homeschool field trip.
My own set of turnout gear! Standing in our fire department as a fireman. :D
Being the least experienced of the three inexperienced firemen,  I am always the last on a truck if other firefighters are there. In order to get on a truck, I need to be one of the first there. I have succeeded at that quite a few times now. :) Also, it's great to have new friends! Two of my next-door neighbors, who I didn't really know before, are on the FD. One of them, Roger, is a really awesome guy and I ride in with him to calls, meetings, and trainings sometimes. Although I can't be really specific about our calls, I can describe a little bit of our work for y'all here.
Second and third Wednesdays of each month are training. Honestly, those are the two Wednesdays of the month I look forward to the most. Our last training was vehicle extrication. We got to use all the powerful vehicle extrication tools at our disposal. Like cutters, spreaders, and a hydraulic ram for rolling the dash. Chief took some pictures of the exercise that you can view with this link if you like:
I am the one holding the spreaders in this picture:
In all the pictures on the BFD facebook post, I am wearing that helmet, and no reflective vest.
Here are some pictures I took:

On the left, we are wearing our usual structure fire gear. Firefighters on the right are wearing wildland gear. Believe it or not, our wildland gear is what they use in Texas for structure fires. There is no way I would go into a burning building with just that on!!!

I took them all after the training was done, so unfortunately I do not have pictures of the actual training. It was great though, because I got to learn a lot of new things with hands-on instruction. It really helps me remember where stuff is on the trucks when I have to grab it for training.
September 11th, three of us begin Firefighter 1 at the Fire Academy. It goes for 6 months, usually on Thursdays from 6:00 - 11:00 at night. Looks like I'll be budgeting some extra for coffee! :D

In other news, I got a (new to me) camera! A coworkers friend was selling one of his cameras for cheap, so I bought it! It's a Canon EOS Rebel T2i and it takes incredibly sharp images and HD footage. Our latest comic short was made with it, but I lost some of the quality when uploading it to YouTube. I may see if Vimeo does any better. Leah and I went out together to pick up a computer and just have fun cruising around in Bobbi Blue, so I figured it would be a good time to snap a few pics! Here they are:
Chicken nuggets and a milkshake... at least it's not every day. :D

This old chevy seemed like a nice prop.

"I can't get my coat on!"

"Nice truck!"

"I think I'm getting tired of this, Nick"

Time to get a little Ford in the spotlight! :D

I think there was more news too, but all I have time for now is our latest short. You can view it at
We shot it in 1080p HD, so be sure to watch it with that resolution! :D We did a little (intentional) over-stereotyping for the Mexicans - black mustaches (all our bad guys must have mustaches!) and sombreros. Hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it! :D Hopefully, I'll release some pictures of it soon.
Adios, amigos!!
~"Cowboy" Nick
A picture Joe took of me while we were shooting "The Stuff"


  1. TheronG9/02/2014

    I'm disappointed.
    You said you joined the Fire Department. And I got this mental picture of you in your firefighting gear, with a cowboy hat perched on top.

    1. Lol! The picture is too much! Maybe I'll grab my hat and get a picture like that sometime.

  2. Replies
    1. It's nice to see a smiley face! And I have absolutely no clue who it's from. It's surprising how much that gets to me. Lol

    2. Anonymous9/05/2014

      Oh did I forget to sign my name? I'm sorry about that.

    3. Not once, but twice! Now I'm really curious! Which actually bugs me a lot. I have a few guesses, but no clues... yet.

    4. Anonymous9/06/2014

      Who are your guesses?

    5. Grandpa, Grandma, or Salinn, in that order.
      The only possible locations can be Crossville, Kingston (TN - ISP Ben Lomand), and one other location (Salinn, also the ISP is GMA) I'm still on this case! :D

    6. Anonymous9/07/2014

      You cheated! It's Salinn.:)

    7. Salinn! And you just told me at church today that you didn't. -_- It's not cheating use my web analytics tools to my advantage. ;)
      Also, you may want to consider logging into your Google Account on your iPod next time you read people's blogs on it... Yes, I know which device you were using. If you want to trick me next time, use Tor. :D

    8. Anonymous9/07/2014

      I told you I did do it! I wasn't on my iPod though,

  3. Haven't stopped by in a while! Excited for you and the opportunities you have! And as always - Leah is SOOOOOO cute!!!! I could just eat her up :) Hope you have an awesome evening!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Heather
      I very much enjoy firefighting - I may end up being one of those guys who lives firefighting. :)
      I would definitely agree about my little sister's extreme cuteness! That's one of the reasons she gains so much picture real estate on this blog. :D

    2. Ummm...can I kidnap her for a few days? PLEASE???

    3. Kidnapping and then fleeing this country is illegal, ain't it? xD

  4. Anonymous9/22/2014

    You are so cute:)

    1. I take it that "you," is Leah? :D

  5. Great pictures Nick! I enjoyed looking at them. Leah is adorable as always, and the blue Chevy makes a great prop!
    Hoping you're enjoying the fall weather!

    In Christ,

    1. Thanks, Hannah! A Ford of the same vintage would have been an even better prop, but we take what we can get, right? :)
      The fall weather has been great! I'm afraid I didn't take any pictures during peak season though. Have a great week!


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