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Another Way Overdue Update!

Howdy y'all!
So much has happened lately and I haven't time or enthusiasm to write a blog post, but it's about time to recharge and post something. Don't y'all think so? I'm sure you've probably been busy living yourselves though, so I'm sure my posts weren't too badly missed. :)
I just realized I haven't posted since I joined the Fire Department! I guess I'll talk about this first, then. Back in June (June 25th, to be exact) I became a firefighter and I have enjoyed it since. Ever since I was a little boy, I had wanted to be a firefighter. After all, fire trucks are cool and burning stuff is awesome, right? At least that's what my little boy mind thought. :D Then I kind of reached the lazy stage, where being a firefighter would be too much work (I could have joined at 15 as a junior member), and now as an 18-year-old, (Lord willing, a little more mature with my decision making) I finally joined the department to help people.
Being the l…