Hiking... In My Van!!

Howdy y'all!
Recently I've been working in a real country area up in the mountains. There's dirt roads and roads that are more like trails. Since my van is my work truck, I decided to check out some of these roads after work. (I know, the van does not have great ground clearance and the right tie rod end is bad, but who said it was a great idea!?) The weather has been PERFECT the last two days, so I figured it would be a great time to take some pictures as well. All of these were taken with my Moto X since that's all I have for a camera at the moment. I think it did pretty good!
A large flower in the meadow next to the house we're working on.
Two small insects on a daisy.
An old blacksmith shop is one of the outbuildings on this old homestead.

I plan to retouch some of these pictures to look a bit more western. :D
Indian paintbrushes in full bloom. (I LOVE Indian Paintbrushes!!!)
The (very rustic) barn.
A view from one of the overlooks in the national forest.
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD; and he delighteth in his way" Psalm 37:23
The road was a bit washed out in a few places. :D

It's only about 30 feet to the river.... downhill. :D
As soon as the four wheel drive is fixed on my truck (and the alignment issues) I'm bringing it up here for some exploration.

An old cellar I found.

Another picture of the cellar.

The river was so inviting... I could have jumped in and waded all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. :D

This is the perfect place for a picnic!
Red clover... yummy!

There was a meadow after you got off the more traveled section of road / trail.

I tried to drive my van up here... not a good idea. I'll wait till my truck is working. The van doesn't have enough ground clearance to stay on the road!!

Apple trees?

Wild grass.

There isn't a single cloud in the entire sky.

Testing out the slow motion feature on my camera.

Looking back over the meadow.

The road disappears into the forest again.

I hope y'all enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed being there! I'll definitely go back for more pictures sometime here. I opened the side door (it's a sliding door) on my van as I was driving down this back road, so it was almost like driving a Jeep with the doors off. The only difference is if you drive downhill or slam the brakes, the door slides shut and locks. :D Now it's time to go out and enjoy a little more fresh air!! :D
Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Hahaha, does that river flow all the way to the Atlantic Ocean? Nathan saw the picture of the Indian Paintbrushes and said, "Hey Kaitlyn, Nick posted a picture of flowers and said he loves paintbrushes. What do flowers have to do with paintbrushes?". (Of course, he was kidding, he's not really that dumb) :D

  2. Very, Very neat pictures, Nick! They were GREAT. A really beautiful place, worthy or much exploration!

  3. TheronG7/20/2014

    And the "one month deadline" comes and goes...
    (OK, it doesn't for a couple days, but I'm going on holiday and I didn't want to miss the opportunity. Besides, maybe it will inspire Nick to post tomorrow.)


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