Howdy y'all!
Recently we participated in a "becoming an outdoor family" activity at a state park. One of the plusses of this state park was its location. It was off the beaten path by quite a bit. Usually, state parks are barely within viewing distance of a major road and the campsites are side by side with little to no natural privacy. This one, however, was different. There were plenty of trees surrounding our campsite (we even got a lean-to!), the bathroom was in reasonable walking distance, and the surrounding area was simply beautiful. Amazingly, I didn't take many pictures. This was largely do to the fact that I lacked a safe place to charge my cellphone battery. Here are the few pictures I did take, though.
I really love taking pictures of rainbows! This one was over our camp when we arrived.

The rainbow was directly over our lean-to and nicely framed by the trees.

I stopped at a local mechanics shop just before leaving (also the former fire chief) and looked at his '72 Chevy Nova. It's a beautiful car (minus the anti-Ford sticker on the side window. :D)

Boy Scouts launching the bottle rockets.

PLEASE MUTE THE VIDEO. There was some foul language I noticed after when I was watching the video. This is the rocket launch.

A large bald eagle at one of the talks during the weekend.

Myself, Peter, and Paul - at the bottle rocket building event, we decided to build a larger rocket than everyone else's. We used 6 soda bottles instead of one.

Weird etchings in a rock behind one of the campsites. One of them appeared to say "Pizza." It was probably from some of the Italian Indians that used to inhabit the area... Just kidding :D
This is from an American. Probably a contemporary of myself. I happen to know that his knife blade is now substantially duller.

The (very) unprepared Wilderness Survival teacher. (he had been asked to teach the course the day before, because the other teacher had a family emergency)

Knives. I have the smallest collection in our household, with only two pocketknives. I think they are deemed to be a symbol of manliness... I probably should get more. :D
On Sunday, we visited a church of some old friends of ours. I showed them the classic Bible Smuggler movie, after which their Dad (who was a State Trooper) brought out the coat and hat and let Jonathan wear them.
We had an awesome time cooking barbecued chicken, sweet sausage, onions, peppers, and s'mores, singing some songs, hiking, and goofing around with our friends. The campground offered a "free" last day, so we took advantage of the offer. It was kinda fun roaming about the empty campground (there were only three or so other people besides us in the entire campground). There was just a little ambient lighting from the moon - barely enough for us to see to glide noiselessly around the park. 
Later I'll post on our day trip (for Father's Day) to a campground. BTW, Happy Father's Day! To my Dad, of course, and any other Dad's reading this blog.
Y'all have a good evening!
In Christ,
"Cowboy" Nick


  1. Wait, did you say "charge my cell phone battery"? and BATHROOMS?! you were camping, right!? Just kidding! I recognized the Z house right away, before seeing the outfit Jonathan was wearing. So glad you guys could get to be with them and for the great camping trip. How did your rocket launcher go?

    1. Hey, I was doing okay considering I didn't bring a laptop, and had absolutely no cell service, wifi, or data. :D The large rocket failed, but I build a small one that worked quite well.

  2. TheronG6/16/2014

    I have more pocketknives than you, but one of the three is very small and blunt and doesn't really count.
    I didn't enjoy this article, because when you started talking about all the food you had it made me jealous. :-(
    Incidentally, I observe that you are reaping the rewards of an increase in frequency of blog posts - visiting friends and buddies now exceed 30,000.

    1. Woah! 30,000! Maybe when we get to 40,000 we'll have to do another giveaway. That kind of shot up overnight! One sentence about food made you jealous?! I didn't think it was that easy! :D

    2. Anonymous7/10/2015

      Speaking of 40,000, take a look at the count.

    3. Yeah, I have to do some posts first.

  3. Looks like fun! I'm glad everyone had a nice time, and it sounds like it must have been informative as well. Wilderness survival sounds interesting.

    1. It was fun! Mom, Hannah, Gracie, Ruthie, Leah, Jonathan and I went to an outdoor cooking class. That was very informative and tasty! :D We made dutch oven apple crisp and chili, chicken with a whole bunch of yummy stuff on it, jelly donuts out of biscuits, calzones, chocolate bananas, and a few other things. The wilderness survival class was a bit disappointing since the guy had one morning to prepare and hadn't used his gear in a few years. Everyone's favorite part of the survival class was starting fires. :D


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