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Not Ashamed

Howdy y'all!
Lately I've had a little bit of a thought developing inside my head, and now I think it's time to put it on paper the Internet. At different times, I have struggled with being ashamed of my Savior. Maybe not in a way that I would remove His Name from my blog, or the bumper sticker from my car, but ashamed nonetheless. I would say that being a bold Christian is not popular and does not attract many followers on a blog or friends in real life. It probably attracts stronger Christian friends and followers, but, quite frankly, those are in the minority. A post like "God is so amazing! Wow!" doesn't seem to be very "offensive" (in the right way, of course - the offense of the cross) or a vague "Christian" song is highly unlikely to step on toes. In fact, these posts can be considered "cool" by shallow Christians and meaningless drivel to unbelievers which can easily be ignored. A frank, unashamed presentation of the Gospe…