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Howdy y'all!!
Reckon it's that time of the month when some of you'ns are just itchin' to read a post! Or maybe y'all are soakin' up the beautiful weather. First, I know some (at least one) of you are dying to know how court went. Answer: It went well! It was sort of like a field trip. We went to the courthouse (in a HUGE snowstorm :'( ), walked inside, sat down, I went up to the prosecutors and showed them my insurance and registration, and they said "Okay - you're good, charges are dropped! Have a nice day." And I was like, "Wait!... Uh, what about my $500 bail money?!" "Oh, I guess you'll have to wait to the judge comes in." So I went and sat back down. The judge sweeps into the room about half an hour later. (I say sweep because when you wear a cape that huge, you don't just walk into a room!) After a bunch of people were tried for their cases (mostly alcohol-related incidents), the prosecutor called out for "Number 1" to come up. Having a last name beginning with "A" put me at the top of the list of people to be tried. It also made it easy to remember my number. :D I walked up and greeted the judge; the prosecutor then proceeded to rattle a bunch of stuff of that boiled down to a recommendation that the charges be dropped and my money be returned. "Have a nice day," and I was on my way to get my money back and head home. So now you have the very condensed last chapter of the Great Pickup Truck Saga. :D

The kids love climbing all over my truck.
And... while I happen to be discussin' my truck (which I realize may be getting old to some of you), I made a few modifications. First, I took off the sporty wheel covers. I much prefer it to look like a farm truck than a race truck. (Although my mechanic is 100% sure I'll end up hot-rodding it - just 'cause he did doesn't mean I will, though :D) Next, my mechanic and I installed a new tie rod (the old one was broken, making it quite hazardous to be driving) and he taught me how to make spark plug wires. So in the end, I installed all eight new spark plugs, a new distributor cap and rotor, and the new wires we made. It was really fun learning a new mechanic skill. It would be nice to be able to do all the fixing on my truck. For example, last week I started up the truck and drove it to work. Halfways there, it just lost power and eventually died. When I tried to get it started again, I was as lost as a ball in high weeds. I sorta suspected that it might be an issue with the choke, but alas! I did not have time to fix it then. I pushed it to a local garage, loaded my tools into Dad's truck and rode in with him. He dropped me off on the way back from work so I could try to fix my truck, but his mechanic already had it running. Sure enough, it was a problem with the choke. He told me to keep the pedal down all the way home so the engine wouldn't flood. That is one thing I have some experience in (keeping the pedal down). The truck ran quite roughly on the way home. I need to get a manual choke in it, since the automatic choke is a little faulty.
A couple folks have made the grave error of calling my truck a redneck truck. It ain't a redneck truck at all. Redneck used to be a term of honor - it used to refer to hard-workin' men and their sons. It used to mean a person of character. But now... people who drink beer, have no sense of chivalry at all, loaf in front of the TV they fixed up with some baling twine, or play video games while listening to country music and enjoying more beer are those typically called rednecks. Ugh. I even wrote a piece about the modern redneck that I'll have to share with y'all sometime. But this truck is a farm truck or country boy truck; not a redneck truck. And speaking of southern country boys and such, here's some music for y'all to enjoy while finishing up this post. :)

Enough about my truck, I'm sure everyone's gettin' tired of hearing about it! There's so many things I've been thinking I oughta post, but I've kinda forgotten them all. :'( 
I finally did record a few songs. Here's the first one, a simple banjo tune. I've only heard this song once and just read tab to play the song, so if any of you are better versed on this tune than I am, you could correct me on all the places I messed up on. :D

The second tune I recorded was a song that I love; "Before the Throne of God Above."
I tried recording the tracks at different times... not a great idea. :( I think I'll stick to using one microphone for both tracks at the same time so the timing can match.
Hopefully I'll do some more songs here eventually, but between work, my truck, and general life, I either don't have time to record or don't feel like it. :D
Yesterday was a beautiful day, so all of us went for a walk and some of us took our bikes. The weather was perfect for tromping up the little hills in the woods and then hazardously careening down them on our precarious bicycles. All went well except for Little Man flying off his bike, hitting a tree, and then sprawling all over his bicycle and the ground. I ran up to check on him, but he hastily got up and strongly protested, "I'm okay! I'm fine! Really! I'm not hurt! My face just got scratched, that's all!" I kinda doubted that it didn't hurt, but he sure insisted on it!
We staged this one :D
The guys!

A very interesting camper we discovered in the woods!
Have a blessed week!!!
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. I love the photo of all the kids climbing on your truck. And what a funny pic of Jonathan's crash with the tree.
    WOW, you're getting good at that picking' too! Keep it up.

    1. Thanks, Mrs. V! I haven't picked in a while, unfortunately. :'(

  2. Great pictures of all of you guys! Knowing Jonathan is fine, I can laugh about the reenactment!!! It sure was funny hearing you tell about him jumping up and telling you he was fine. Can't wait to check out that trail .. on my feet not a bike :). Hannah noticed you didn't plan to post again this week ... you signed out "Have a blessed week!"

    1. I guess I should have said "a blessed month!!" :D

  3. TheronG4/26/2014

    Don't think that you got away with it just because they dropped the charges. You're still a jailbird. :-p
    I'm not an expert on trucks or banjos, but bicycle crashes are something I know all about.

    1. Ah... I hope I'm out of the woods. As long as I don't do things like speed, run red lights, or peel out at stops signs, I should be okay. :D

  4. The songs sound very nice! How's everyone doing?

  5. Thanks Hannah! We are all doing pretty well. Nobody else has been pulled over, gone to court, or had a bike accident, so I guess that's good. :D


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