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Life 'Round Here

Howdy y'all!!
Reckon it's that time of the month when some of you'ns are just itchin' to read a post! Or maybe y'all are soakin' up the beautiful weather. First, I know some (at least one) of you are dying to know how court went. Answer: It went well! It was sort of like a field trip. We went to the courthouse (in a HUGE snowstorm :'( ), walked inside, sat down, I went up to the prosecutors and showed them my insurance and registration, and they said "Okay - you're good, charges are dropped! Have a nice day." And I was like, "Wait!... Uh, what about my $500 bail money?!" "Oh, I guess you'll have to wait to the judge comes in." So I went and sat back down. The judge sweeps into the room about half an hour later. (I say sweep because when you wear a cape that huge, you don't just walk into a room!) After a bunch of people were tried for their cases (mostly alcohol-related incidents), the prosecutor called out for &quo…