Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh wait - it's not thanksgiving yet! But why shouldn't it be every day?! Today I'm feeling extra thankful (Like I ought to feel every day) so I figured I'd do a post on just a few things I'm thankful for!
Number one: Not going to work today! :D I know the verse about the sluggard not plowing because it's so cold, but it really is cold today so I'm not feeling too bad that work was called off. Yesterday we worked in cold weather and the wind was gusting up to 40 mph. Brrrrrr. So even though I was kind of joking, I really am thankful that we didn't have to go in today. On to the list! (Not necessarily in order of importance)

1. Salvation! If it hadn't been for Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection, I'd still be on my way to hell! I am so thankful that He took my place on Calvary and I don't have to worry about what happens - the sting of Death is gone!! :D If you are a Christian and you aren't thankful for this... well, something's wrong. Here's something to be thankful for even on those sort of un-thankful days! Christ has given me the victory and is now what my Heavenly Father sees when he looks at my sinful self! If that ain't something to praise God for, I don't know what is!
Whom shall I fear!?
2. My family! I don't get it when people hate having little brothers and sisters. It's awesome! :D I'd rather have my family then all the cool gadgets or old trucks or musical instruments that anyone could have. We have our ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade 'em for the whole world. I don't think they'd trade me out either. ;-) It's also a tremendous blessing to grow up in a home where the Bible is respected and honored. It has an impact on how things are run and everyone treats each other. No way are we perfect, but I have seen homes where the Bible is not regarded or known and there is no happiness in those homes. :(
Grandpa stopping by on his way through. :D

Family picture. :)

A more complete family picture. (minus Mom)

The girls twirling for Grandpa.

Okay... I already know I make crazy faces for pictures! :D
3. Work and the ability to do it. Sure, I was thankful that we stayed home today, but I really am thankful that God has given me the strength to work and a job that I can do. I could have been born blind, deaf, lame, or a thousand other things. Instead, I was born normal and healthy and blessed to grow up in a Christian home and have a good job. Consequently, I receive a paycheck for which I also am thankful! :D
Mark (who no longer works for us) and me.

 4. Food! I know we thank God for food every day, but do we mean it?? I'm afraid I don't mean it like I ought to. It can sorta become ritual over time. But when I think about it, I really am thankful for food!!! :D
LOL. I like this kind of fast food!
5. Bobbi Blue. Yes, I do love my truck. :D And I really am thankful for her.  I'm also thankful that I didn't get the other truck. I don't think I need to go into detail since I did in the last post, but I'll be sure to post more! :D
 There really is a ton more things I'm thankful for, but I didn't have time or space to post about them here. Maybe I should do a few more of these posts :D

6. Friends
7. Church
8. Music
9. Instruments
10. Internet <-- not really country I know, but how else would y'all read this post? ;)
11. Outside
12. Hiking
13. the Bible
14. a nice, warm house
15... so on and so forth... :D

Hope y'all have a great day and be sure to count some blessings!! :D
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. One of my favorite types of posts :)!!! No, we wouldn't trade you for anything!!!

    1. I'm thankful for that too, Mom! ;D

  2. That's awesome! i never really thought about it but i guess i should be as thankful on thanksgiving as on every other day. i love the eat more fast food photo :)

    1. I liked that picture as soon as I saw it! Definitely my kind of fast food! :)

  3. Amen! We have so much to be thankful for yet we so often take it for granted. May we spend much more time counting our blessings! Thank you for this reminder :) Good to hear from you again :)

    1. I'm actually going to try posting again more often. I'm surprised y'all still check my blog! :D

    2. Of course I still check your blog!!! LOL But I can kinda cheat...it comes up in my blogger reading list :)

  4. Yes, we have so much to be thankful for! Your Bobbi Blue is beautiful. Don't blame you for not getting the other truck. This is such a perfect truck for you, Cowboy Nick. Mr V will like that picture, even though it is a Ford :D)

    1. Does Mr V not like Fords? Grandpa R likes GM trucks, and I do too but I think Fords are the ultimate country boy truck. :D

  5. That's a great reminder to count our blessings! By the way, Bobbi Blue is a beauty! Hopefully I'll get to see her one of these days. Praying that your court case goes well.

    1. If y'all are in the area, feel free to stop by and see her (and us! :D)
      Thanks for praying about the court case! Lord willing, all will go well but I can't say I'd blame the judge if he lands me with a rather heavy fine.


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