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Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh wait - it's not thanksgiving yet! But why shouldn't it be every day?! Today I'm feeling extra thankful (Like I ought to feel every day) so I figured I'd do a post on just a few things I'm thankful for!
Number one: Not going to work today! :D I know the verse about the sluggard not plowing because it's so cold, but it really is cold today so I'm not feeling too bad that work was called off. Yesterday we worked in cold weather and the wind was gusting up to 40 mph. Brrrrrr. So even though I was kind of joking, I really am thankful that we didn't have to go in today. On to the list! (Not necessarily in order of importance)

1. Salvation! If it hadn't been for Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection, I'd still be on my way to hell! I am so thankful that He took my place on Calvary and I don't have to worry about what happens - the sting of Death is gone!! :D If you are a Christian and you aren't thankful for this... well, somethi…

Bobbi Blue

Howdy y'all!
A new post is arguably way overdue, but a late post is better than no post. I'll try to make this one exciting to make up for my failure at posting lately. :D Here's a list of points to be covered:
My truck!  First, all y'all are probably wondering exactly where did the name come from? My cousins have a truck called Betty Blue (I borrowed the picture from Obadiah's blog) Well, since I'm their cousin, this truck would theoretically be their truck's cousin. Therefore, I call her Bobbi Blue. That's probably one of the least wordy explanations I ever gave in my life! :D
Now for the story of how I got Bobbi Blue. :D I looked at a truck up in NH (I just looked it up on Craigslist - it's either sold or he scrapped it, LOL) Well, I called the guy and he said he had a few people coming at 11:00. If I showed up first and wanted it, it would be mine since people hardly ever show up. Says I, "I'll be there at 9:00." And I did show up …

Our Cieled Houses

Recently, Pastor asked me to preach a sermon at our church. After having done so,  I can say in hindsight that every Christian young man ought, at some point in his life, to preach a message. First, it gives a deep sense of responsibility that may not otherwise be present. Preaching is not saying whatever comes to ones mind, rather it must be the result of careful study and much prayer. It cannot  be what one would like to talk about - it must be what the Lord has laid on his heart. Second, it gives a tremendous appreciation for his Pastor. Hours of study and prayer goes into a single message. It does not simply flow into an outline and then to a sermon (at least in my experience) It also provides an admiration for preachers before study guides, commentaries, encyclopedias, and the Internet.

All of these things became apparent when I gave this sermon. Quite frankly, I didn't want to preach this message. It isn't exactly fun to tell a group of Bible-believing Christians that we…