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Deep Thoughts on Important Subjects

Howdy y'all!
The title was, er... completely irrelevant to this post. It simply sounded magnificent so I typed it in. So much has happened since the last time I have had a monologue with you all! I hope this huge post will have been worth the long wait. I'll list the greatest events below, and you can decide if they're worth reading about! :D
My birthdayDriver's license! <-- :DCar stuffApplying for jobs That, my friends, is how not to write a cohesive list. At least it conveyed the main points.
November 11th was my birthday, and we had an awesome time! Actually, it's been over a month since then, so the details are not fresh in my mind. Since my camera and the camera on my iPod are both broken, pictures will have to be fewer. Grandpa, Grandma, and some of our neighbors came over as usual. We ate cake (yeah! :D) and ice cream, as well as a delicious meal. (I love delicious meals!!)
Then we had the "present thing" - Jonathan came up with that term a coupl…