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The Winner is...

Ba-da-da-dum! (that's a drum roll)
...Nathan Schoolfield !
Congratulations, bud! I'll get your CD in the mail ASAP... well, as soon as I order it. LOL. Everybody click his name up there and give him a congratulations on his blog! :D (He'd appreciate your comments. ;) )
Now for the how's and why's behind the choosing... First, I typed all your names into a list and put them in alphabetical order in LibreOffice, then I went to and pasted them into the list randomizer. The randomizer put your names out in a numbered list. Obviously, the person who wins would be the person who's name is by the number 1. Here's the picture below to illustrate:
To the 22 of you who did not win - thanks for entering! Sorry you didn't win. Feel free to buy yourself a consolation prize by clicking on any of the links in the giveaway post to check out the listed CDs. As you can see, this method is probably the fairest way to choose - no respecting of persons happened he…