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Bible Smuggler - The Movie!

Howdy y'all!
I was just playing around with the new trailers in iMovie. It seems to me that iMovie actually dropped some features in their latest release, but the new trailers are pretty awesome. So much, in fact, that I had to make a trailer with the footage I shot with the younger boys. This movie stars Jonathan as the bad KGB agent (for those of you who have never watched The Printing, the KGB is the Soviet Secret Police force), Samuel as the Bible smuggler, and myself as the person who hides Bibles in my treehouse. No more words - sit on the edge of your seat while watching this action-packed.... trailer. :D

The Giveaway!

Howdy folks!
Here it is, two too many days late. The - GIVEAWAY!!! (those colored fonts can be hard to read sometimes. :DSince I like music a lot, I think a CD would make a great giveaway! So here's the options:
1. Steve Maxwell Family - Simple Faith
This is a great CD for family singing with some songs on it that you won't find many other places, such as Daddy on His Knees, Give Us Rain, Another Soldier Down, and some other great ones. Genre: Bluegrass Gospel/Country
2. Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team - Clean Pickin'
 This CD is a great one to clap along to with songs like Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Orange Blossom Special, and enjoy a good laugh with Black Eyed Susie and Puttin' on the Dog. Heartily recommended for those who like fun music. :) (This is the only CD not specifically a "Christian" CD, but it is produced by a Christian group) Genre: Bluegrass
3. Buddy Davis - Hymns of the Wildwood
 Great old-time renditions of hymns that are usually sung in chu…


Thanks everyone! How's a giveaway sound? Since I likely won't reach 100 posts for a long time, 20,000 views sounds like a great place to have a giveaway. Later today I'll post the rules and the prizes. :)

The New Sigma Guitar and Mastertone Banjo (that you can buy for a low price...)

Howdy y'all!
As I mentioned in the last post, I am selling a Gibson Mastertone / Gibson Tenor parts banjo for my friend (did I mention that only once?) (If you want to buy it, here's the link....) It does sound AMAZING, and (as I mention in the video) it has little hearts on the fretboard. Now I've put out a sales pitch that covers everyone. I do have an ulterior motive for selling it to friends who I see more often - I'll see the banjo more often! :D
Once again, this is a post composed over several days... here is the corresponding vlog. :) Enjoy!
EDIT: I promise that this will be the last post attempting to sell the banjo. Future posts shall only torture your ears with the sounds of banjo notes and my voice. :D