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A Waaaaaaay Overdue Update!

For those of you who read my mother's blog, that title probably bears a family resemblance.... :D Anyway, I know that this post is extremely late, and I know that I deserve the wrath of the myriads of angry blog readers who have been waiting for the two songs I was going to sing last year, the mandolin I was working on, and the comic shorts I truly will be finishing... :D So... I humbly apologize and repent. I will try to do better. Go ahead and shoot me an email if I don't... I'll try to reply to that as well. :-O
What have I been doing recently? Well, I've taken all five of the GED tests, and I know I passed to (Praise the Lord!) and I hope I passed the remaining three. If any of you need a GED study book, you can send me an email and I'll send it your way as soon as my scores come in. It contains helpful annotations by me like these:
(On an essay about family planning) "Propoganda!!!!"
(On a discourse about millions of years) "Bologna!"
(On a…