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Hey folks!
How are all you'ns!? Let's see... I don't think a month has quite passed yet, has it? :D Oh, wait! I just looked - lo and behold - it is MORE than a month! Some of you may be suggesting that I have some apologizing to do. Sorry - Theron gave me a good reason not to. Eitherhow, (that's a word I coined, feel free to use it anytime at no charge - it's one of the few things I'll give away for free) it's time to start following the template of posts, right? Or maybe y'all would like something a little more interesting. Before I continue, my ever-helpful friend, Theron, sent me an email to help with blogging. I'm sure you are all bursting at the seams to see it. [Drum roll] Here it is!
1.       Apologize for not posting more frequently/regularly
2.       Make some comment, preferably sarcastic, about my friend Theron
3.       Mention my new car (obviously, you can’t talk about a new car without including pictures)
4.       Insert random pictures of whatever I’ve been doing for the last month
5.       Ask how many people still check my blog
As you wish. My friend Theron summed up my blog in five steps! Kudos to him for unlocking the secret template I've been using.
In all seriousness, I have noticed that my blog has slipped into that rut. So what say we spice it up a bit? The following story will be about cars, but I'll try to make it exciting enough that people other than my friend, Theron will enjoy reading it! (Anyone still read my blog? ;D ) And now, the story begins.
Sunday evening after our services, we left our church (our website is a work in progress) to visit another church. As we pull into the parking lot of the hotel, we see Pastor Manuel talking to the hotel owner. Carpets are all over the pavement and barricades are all around. Pastor walks up and tells us that the owner decided to renovate the room used for church, but failed to tell him about it. No problem, he says - we'll just worship at the gazebo in the town green. So, we grab chairs and drive up to the gazebo. As we are setting up, a band starts walking toward the gazebo. "You folks got this place booked for tonight?" we ask. "Oh yeah," they reply. "We have a concert here every Sunday night." Great. We decided to move to the other end of the park (probably a half mile down the road) and have a great service by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor service, I might add. The only thing that could have been better is if we had been out in the country instead of the city. The traffic was not a little distracting. After the service, two of the younger kids' (Iris and Gabe's) grandmother says, "Hey everybody, Burger King has ice cream cones for fifty cents. Everyone who wants some, let's go over there and I'll buy them." Hey, we all like ice cream, so we get ready to go. The car is still at the upper end of the park, so I offer to bring it down. Dad hands me the keys and I get the car. I jump in, turn the key, and depress the brake. "Man, that feels awful funny," I think to myself. (I don't necessarily think in formal English. :D ) I shift it into Drive, but with my knowledge of the awkwardness of the brake pedal, I drive quite slowly. I pull up to an intersection as a car is coming. Putting the brake pedal to the floor does absolutely zilch. I notice that a warning light is on for the brakes, so I start fiddling with the emergency brake. Nothing happens. At least nothing helpful. Thankfully, the car goes through before I do. Now, I'm pulling up behind James' pickup truck. Putting the pedal down still does nothing, so I put in the emergency brake real slowly. (Emergency brake is sort of worn out, so it's not real responsive) I jump out of the car and casually remark to Mom, "I think the brakes are busted." She's used to me joking and pulling pranks, so she doesn't really take me serious. Saying it with a half-smile doesn't help my case at all, I guess. Nonetheless, I insisted that it was a fact. When Dad came over, I informed him of the situation. Sure enough, there was brake fluid leaking out of a spot that had corroded in the lines. Jonathan had noticed it earlier and told us, but I told him it was just condensation of the AC unit - we get that all the time. I guess he had seen brake fluid though. Needless to say, we drove home quite slowly and with our hazards flashing. Oh, and we skipped the ice cream. :'(
Now for the serious side of the story. We truly were blessed by the way the incident worked out. First, it happened on the one Sunday we did not go over the mountain on the way back. Second, it didn't happen while we were in busy traffic, just before the service. Third, it happened on Sunday instead of Monday, the day that Mom would very possibly have driven the car sixty miles to a larger city to go shopping. Finally, instead of all of us walking to the car as we would ordinarily do, we pulled it down the little side road, giving us a chance to discover that the brakes were out before pulling into the main road. If you call that luck - well, you're crazy. We were tremendously blessed and thankful for the way Jesus worked everything out.
The beginning of this post was started on different days, but considering the time - I shall say goodnight. :D

An upcoming comic short from The Cowboy's Studio. ;)


  1. For the record I did believe you that something was wrong ... I could tell by the look in your eye you were not joking around.
    Yes, I still read here :).

    1. I'm glad to see someone still reads here ;)

  2. Yes, the Lord worked all that out perfectly...what a blessing, indeed! You will listen to little brother more often now? NOT! right?
    Children have an uncanny way of noticing things (:
    We are glad you guys were all safe!

    1. I'm afraid you've gotten that correct.
      During the summer, stuff is always leaking from under our car, so I guess it struck me as odd that he mentioned it that one day.

  3. Praise the Lord for His protection! Glad to hear from you again.

    1. Lol, I really was wondering if everyone had decided I gave up - the stats kept dropping and there were no comments. :) I am very thnkful for the Lord's protection!

    2. Didn't give up reading:) Just very busy...


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