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America... the formerly beautiful

Howdy y'all!
I think it's time for a shorter post on a sadder note. I am first a follower of Jesus Christ and second a patriotic American. It grieves me deeply to see the route our nation has chosen. The cause of all our problems lies in the fact that America, as a nation, has turned her back on God and the Biblical principles that she was founded on. Hard work, love of country, love of life, and faith in Christ are principles that are quickly becoming uncommon. Respect for the elderly, love for unborn children, and a Biblical sense of marriage are things of the past. Drugs, sodomy, abortion, and generally polluting sins run rampant. Guys, I love this country and I don't want to see her die because of traitorous, ungodly leaders and unpatriotic, God-hating citizens - but unless this nation is reclaimed by the power of God and his people spreading the truth, it's only downhill from here. If you read nothing else today, read this.

America the Beauti…

Recent History (as opposed to Ancient History [which {by the time it's published} will be ancient history] )

Hey folks!
How are all you'ns!? Let's see... I don't think a month has quite passed yet, has it? :D Oh, wait! I just looked - lo and behold - it is MORE than a month! Some of you may be suggesting that I have some apologizing to do. Sorry - Theron gave me a good reason not to. Eitherhow, (that's a word I coined, feel free to use it anytime at no charge - it's one of the few things I'll give away for free) it's time to start following the template of posts, right? Or maybe y'all would like something a little more interesting. Before I continue, my ever-helpful friend, Theron, sent me an email to help with blogging. I'm sure you are all bursting at the seams to see it. [Drum roll] Here it is!
1.Apologize for not posting more frequently/regularly 2.Make some comment, preferably sarcastic, about my friend Theron 3.Mention my new car (obviously, you can’t talk about a new car without including pictures) 4.Insert random pictures of whatever I’ve been doing fo…