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A Post on the Subject of Lack of Diligence in Blogging

Howdy guys and girls!
Thanks for putting up with my posts (or lack thereof!!!!) - I'm not going to pull the "I've been so busy" card again, so you don't need to read a long apology. :D


noun. a place to release a monthly apology for not blogging regularly and little information besides

Example: "I guess it's time to do my annual blog post again. LOL"


I think that home definition of blogging pretty much sums it up. As should this picture:
Basically, I haven't been up to much lately besides finishing up as much school as I can. It's my last year when it's done, so it would be nice to finish before 2014... :) Some of you have noticed that my blog has changed. Those of you who haven't don't notice very much. :D I changed it because I was interested in doing something new a…