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Deadline Beat!

Howdy y'all! I think I successfully beat the one-month deadline. Which, if you are curious about what that is, it does not exist. It is simply a personal deadline that I have to convince myself that I am a good steady blogger. Which, if you follow my blog at all, you have by now figured out that I am not. :D So now, in an effort to make up for lost posts, I am posting thousands of pictures on this post. Sit back and enjoy!

Here, I ought to insert a short story that I was told by the veteran who ran the museum. During one of the World Wars (I can't remember which one) we ran out of space for prison camps in Europe, so we brought the German prisoners over here. One of the prison camps was right in Crossville. The way we treated the prisoners was extraordinary. They were fed four meals a day, allowed to leave the camp during the day, work a job in town and receive ample pay for it, and receive a pint of beer a day (even though Cumberland County was a dry county). I don't thi…