My New Set of Wheels!

There - I said it. I've never liked that expression, but I said it anyway. :D
Anyhow, as many of you have seen on Mom's blog, I now have a 1996 Subaru Legacy AWD 5-speed manual shift car with 103,000 miles on it. There's actually a little formula here. When we have a baby, I just publish the fact that we had a healthy boy or girl and refer y'all to Mom's blog for details. Correction: I refer all the girls to Mom's blog for details. When there are cars to discussed, Mom posts pictures and the simple fact that I have a car. Then refers y'all to my blog. Correction: She refers all the guys to my blog so that they can know the details. :D All this is nothing more than a feeble attempt at using up writing space. So, (for the guys) here are the current facts (I have yet to see what information the manual may contain):

  • It's a Subaru Legacy
  • 1996
  • It has AWD (All-Wheel Drive)
  • It has a 5-speed manual transmission (fun, but will take some learning)
  • It has 103,000 miles on it
  • I don't know the information on the engine or anything (I will explain why soon)
Seven o'clock this morning, we got out of bed and around eight o'clock, left McDonalds for the auction house. Eight o'clock is when the review time begins, ten o'clock is when the auction begins. In the end, I only had about 30 minutes to look over cars. I tried to pick the best ones that I thought I could bid on. Thirty minutes is not enough time to check out a vehicle you want to last a long time. I wrote down  what I would pay for each one (ballpark figures) and then rushed back to the building. I actually hadn't even seen this one before, when I noticed it was going up for auction soon. I walked over, looked at it as it was pulling in, and (accidentally) poked a hole with my finger in a hastily filled rust area. Oops. I didn't really think about buying  it until it was on the auction floor. Dad asked if I was interested and I said probably about $800 interested. Who would have guessed that I got it for that much! (plus fees, bringing it to $901.25, exactly $1.25 over the amount I had specifically saved for a car. Everything went so fast that Mom didn't even realize I'd just bought the car. (To tell the truth, I wonder if I even did, lol) Anyhow, a few signatures and a gazillion pictures later, we walked out to see my new car!
And the rest is pictures.... (At least when it's 10:30 at night)
At the auction.
Eating food.
Really my car now?!?
Yeah, I guess it is!
So, we auctioned off the van and rode home in my car... just kidding.

The car. :D

My helpful cleaning crew. :) Thank you, kids!
Too much excitement... G'night, y'all! :D


  1. Congrats! That's exciting:) (I'm not a I didn't read your details :D LOL)

    1. You didn't read the details? Then you missed the fun part! :D

    2. Ok, ok...I went back and read the details:) LOL Not that the "vehicle" details are real interesting (mileage, year, etc...) LOL, but loved your "Car-purchasing Adventure" story (sorry...couldn't come up with a better title tonight; that was one thing I wasn't good at in English...good titles...xD...I didn't forget about your famous smiley face...xD...) I'm tired tonight (you probably already guessed that)! Hope you're having a great night (or evening...shhh...don't tell Joe ;D)!

  2. Congratulations Nick! When paying us back tomorrow don't forget the extra fee for the pictures you used off my blog :)... $5.00 per will be fine :).

    1. Wow:) Looks like you might make a lot of money off that one, Mrs. A;) Is Nick funding your trip to come visit us with that money??? LOL

    2. Trip to TN, maybe. ;)

    3. Boo-hoo:( That's not allowed!!!! You were supposed to schedule your next trip to MN. Or, you should schedule your next trip to TN the first week in May since you'd be driving right through the part of VA Mom and I will be in that week:) Maybe some time the Lord will allow our families to meet each other;) Sure would be fun...

      Have a great night!

  3. Congrats on your first car!!

  4. YAY! That's really a nice little car, Nick. Congratulations! Proud of you too, for getting right in and driving a standard in traffic for first time. Brave fellow.

    1. Thanks! I can't wait till I'm better at shifting.

  5. TheronG3/20/2013

    Your car beats mine by a 5 years and a few thousand miles, but I have to say I'm not impressed by 5-speed manual transmission :-)

    You even wear your cowboy hat to car auctions? There was a time when I wore a hat all the time. Eventually my more obnoxious siblings began to say that I couldn't think without it. I'm starting to wonder about you...

    1. I know. I tried to beat your car by a long shot. -_- (sarcasm for my sarcastic friend) ;)
      Of course I wear my cowboy hat to auctions! I still wear my hat all the time. I'm starting to see that one of my more obnoxious friends is saying that I can't think without it....

    2. TheronG3/23/2013

      Perhaps your hat has the opposite effect. Maybe if you took it off you could think of your own obnoxious comments instead of just copying mine.

    3. You. -_- What say we finish this up via email so nobody has to see us fight? :D

    4. And for the record - no, we won't fight over it. Probably not. :D

  6. Lol when you told me, I was as happy for you as I would have been had I bought one for myself.
    Congratulations bro!

  7. Nice decal (from your Google+ page)! Also, is the "speed limit" picture a real picture, or photoshop?

  8. I guess I should just keep dreaming...

    LOL :)


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