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My New Set of Wheels!

There - I said it. I've never liked that expression, but I said it anyway. :D
Anyhow, as many of you have seen on Mom's blog, I now have a 1996 Subaru Legacy AWD 5-speed manual shift car with 103,000 miles on it. There's actually a little formula here. When we have a baby, I just publish the fact that we had a healthy boy or girl and refer y'all to Mom's blog for details. Correction: I refer all the girls to Mom's blog for details. When there are cars to discussed, Mom posts pictures and the simple fact that I have a car. Then refers y'all to my blog. Correction: She refers all the guys to my blog so that they can know the details. :D All this is nothing more than a feeble attempt at using up writing space. So, (for the guys) here are the current facts (I have yet to see what information the manual may contain):

It's a Subaru Legacy1996It has AWD (All-Wheel Drive)It has a 5-speed manual transmission (fun, but will take some learning)It has 103,000 miles …