Leavin' for TN!

Howdy y'all!
Cowboy Nick here. :-D Today is the final day at our house. Tomorrow is the day we head down to Grandpa and Grandma's in TN! We've all been really excited and I'm no exception to the rule! :-) Since this post is wedged in between packing and lunch, it's going to be really short. So here's a few pictures to satisfy y'all.

Playing Bezzerwizzer with Kurt and Heatherrose! We all had a blast (Does it look like Ruthie did?) :-D

Leah's "hot-air balloon" lol.
Hopefully, I'll get to meet up with some of the heads of Loop and Way. Anyhow, we'll be hitting the road soon, so...


  1. LoL we can't wait down here! BTW, when y'uns did your stop motion LEGO video, what program did you use?

  2. Have a great trip! Hope to see pictures when you get back..."hint, hint" :D Love Leah's hot air balloon...too cute! LOL

  3. Hoping that the Audet family has a wonderful trip! Cute pics of Heatherrose and Kurt,too.:) We'll probably see y'all at their wedding soon, right?

    1. We are. :D I loved those pictures of Kurt and Heatherrose (Mom took 'em). Will y'all be at the wedding? Guess we'll see y'all there! :D

    2. Congrats! Your the 600th comment! :D


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