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My Week

Howdy y'all!
I'd go through the "oh, my poor abandoned blog - cobwebs growing in the corner, tears in the eyes of my ardent followers, spare space on the Google servers, et cetera, et cetera..." routine, but every post would look like that; so, apologies aside, here's what's been going on. First, an apology to Heather. I saw your comments when you posted them, but I didn't publish them. I knew I would forgo posting for quite a while so I figured it better if everyone thought I didn't check my blog. Y'know as opposed to thinking I was ignoring everyone. Which I actually was. :(
I have been working ten and a half hour days up in NY, but I have been spending plenty of time on the computer. Can I get some feedback on here to see if anyone still reads my blog? And if you do, is it interesting? Funny? Boring? Narrow? ....
You're probably all dying for some pictures, so here they are! :D

Gotta be up at 5:30 so I need to go to bed. :D Goodnight y'…