Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day! And I don't mean "I hope you enjoyed your vacation / family time / etc." I mean I hope you appreciated our American soldiers that day. Because they deserve it. No single person has given more for our nation than the American soldier. He deserves our utmost respect for the sacrifice he made. 
I hope you took time to say "thank you" to a veteran. I hope you do that every time you see one. Many soldiers have returned to a nation that disrespects them. There's someone else who paid the ultimate price for your freedom as well. I hope you know who He is and thank Him every day. That man - God the Son in the form of man - gave His very life so you could be free from sin. So that you could be free from an eternal burning in the Lake of Fire.
Just as the American Soldier gives his life to save you from foreign enemies, Jesus Christ gave his life to save you from a far worse situation - death. Eternal separation from God. An eternity in Hell. If you haven't trusted in Him to save you from sin, why don't you right now? And if you have, how about saying "thank you" to Him?


  1. "Blood bought my freedom; someone had to die.
    Someone freely took my place!
    Blood was the price...a supreme sacrifice.
    Someone died that we might be free!

    Jesus died that we might be free!"

    ~from "Blood Bought My Freedom"

    Thanks for sharing, Nick!

  2. LorettaSfargo11/15/2012

    She answers everything in a song!!!!! Thank you for the exhortation. Oh what a Saviour! And thank God for our soldiers.

    Her Mom! :)
    Mrs. S
    Hebrews 10:24


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