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New Button!

Howdy y'all! What do y'all think? I designed it in GIMP, using a picture of an (after 1972) Chevy C-10. It was rather unfortunate that all the older (pre - '70s) pictures of C-10s that I could find were basically hot rods. :(  And, of course, the faded picture below is a guitar headstock and fretboard with a hand on it. I wasn't really finished, but my "in-destructive, never-failing" APPLE MacBook CRASHED!!!!! (Is that a World Records moment?)
Note: Apple owner is not the same as Apple fan who takes anything that Apple copies to be the most innovative, best ever equipment made in the universe. Anyway. I think it looks ok - maybe I'll change it later. It is free to be used anywhere you like! (Bumper stickers, billboards, blogs, websites, iPod cases, etc.) This is owing to the generous spirit of open source graphics. Anyhow, sorry I haven't posted for so long. My excuse is nothing better than laziness. Researching woodgas vehicles, alternative energy, a…

2009 Little Tykes Single Passenger "Smart" Car - $200

A.C. - open the windows
Radio - drive next to someone who has one
0 to 60 time - varies
Gallons per mile - 0
Miles per gallon - 0
Top speed - varies
Leather seats - none
Color - red
Single owner, maint. record avail. oil changed every 5000 needs a little tlc and possibly an engine $200 firm call (000) - 247 - 4920

Hope that was amusing enough ;) The PayPal button will be up soon. On a side note - these will probably work for my senior pictures.