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Hey guys, sorry I've been so long without posting. I'm sure I'll post a little bit more after I finish the living room/dining room/kitchen and the drivers manual so I can get my permit. (YAY!) :D
So I decided to post a cute picture of Little Man that I found, Loop and Way on all the staples pcs, the WCAX news truck that was in town recently, and an app my aunt gave me. (thanks, Aunt Rach!) ;) Later I'll try to post about Joe's birthday party. Happy 15th birthday, Joe! I will post a picture of us when I'm on my computer. :D
Ok, break's over and it's time to start painting again!
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  1. Cute picture of Jonathan:) I guess someone was tired:)

    Thank you for praying for me last night. It didn't go as well as I had hoped, but playing with someone certainly revealed areas of weakness that I need to work on...specifically, intonation. But, when I am weak, then is Christ strong! What a blessing! I taught myself the violin, and in the six years that I have played it, I only had one year of lessons broken into two different 6-month segments...and those 6-month segments were two years apart! Since I have no one to play with, for the most part I can't tell when I'm not playing "in tune"...but it becomes very obvious when you play with someone:) Since I have no one to play with, I struggle to tell if I'm on key or not, unless I play with the tuner, making it very difficult to improve in this area. Mr. G (our orchestra "organizer") was very gracious about it, though, (after asking me if I had any ear for when I'm not playing the notes in tune :D ) and he told me that if I work on it consistently for three or four more months he'll give me another try out. I found some websites today that have free video lessons for intermediate players, and I hope these help. Also, I'll be looking into getting an intermediate lesson book that comes with a cd so I have something to play along with. Even though it didn't turn out the way I was hoping, I'm still encouraged because I have a goal to work towards! Thanks for praying! Have a blessed day:)

    (Sorry this was so long...I wanted to "update" you:D)

  2. Hi!
    Nice pictures! Did you type in your Loop and Way website on all the staples pc's or something?
    By the way, the picture of Jonathan is cute.:)

    1. Actually, one computer controlled 9 screens and it happened to be the only one that wasn't locked on IE. ;) So, I took advantage and set that as the homepage. Dad had me set threeoaksvt.com on the other ones, but most of them were locked. :/
      Glad ya liked the picture of Jonathan! :D

  3. Hilarious about Loop&Way on the pc's!!

    1. Yeah. xD Did you see my G+ post? If so, you know where I'm coming from. :D


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