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Howdy y'all!
For those of you who read my Google+ feed, you've probably realized that I've been busy. I have started posts each of those times I said I'd post, but I failed to finish them either from exhaustion or something more exciting coming up. ;) I'm going to try to finish this one with some semblance of order.
The first thing is I have been working quite a lot lately. I have been haying at Transfiguration Farm and prepping / painting at our house. New paint improves the looks of things quite a lot. I've been doing the window casings and baseboards. This includes removing the old paint and using body filler (nauseating variety, lol) to fill in large gaps and taping compound for smaller, interior ones. I'm going down to do some in about 15 minutes. Haying is the best job. It completely wears me out, but it's something I really enjoy a lot. (Breathing in hay chaff, throwing bales as far or high as I can, or standing in the top of an old barn pushing bales into position) Some of my friends don't like the dust at all, but I don't mind it. It's not sheetrock dust! :D
For those of you who read my Google+ feed but don't have Google+ accounts, feel free to throw your Google+ comments here. If you do have an account there, please keep the comments there.
I'd like to say "thank you" to all of my followers! I didn't think I'd ever have 16 visible ones. I hope you all have enjoyed reading!
Saturday, Ruthie was well enough to go to Fair and Field Days. I'm going to let the pictures tell a lot of the story.
Mom's picture of Leah

Aunt Nikki's picture of Si Guy and Emma

Mom's picture of Ruthie at the locks.

The tractor sled!

Jonathan's picture of Leah. Way to go, Jonathan!

My cousin, Obadiah and his "dinosaur" (goat)

Black smoke and noise and dust! Us guys love tractor pulls!


The winner was the one that looked the most beat.

The small engines made the most noise!

Si Guy in the combine tire.

Folks, it's taken me two days start to finish to get this post to you, so I think I'll close it right here. I'll try to post again soon, but no promises. :) I am totally exhausted, sorry.
God Bless y'all!
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. Thanks for posting the great pics, Nick! It's good to know you haven't dropped off the face of the blogosphere either. :P Just kidding. That tractor pull looked like a blast! Sounds like you're having fun haying too. (I don't mind hay chaff at all, and haying is So much fun, I agree!)
    I've been reading your Google+ feeds too occasionally. Samuel's eraser art is pretty neat.
    Say hi to your family for me, and see you all soon!

    1. Hi Hannah! Thanks for commenting! It was a blast! We did miss being able to see Demo Derby though. The tractor pulls happened all day long and they had some older trucks in there too, which was nice. Lookin' forward to seein' y'all Saturday! :D

  2. Greetings, Nick! Thanks for all the pictures...looks like you all had a great time! It was good to hear from you, too:)

    I deleted my Google+ account the other day, so I'll be leaving my comments here if that's all right with you:) Thanks for keeping us posted.

    1. No problem leaving the comments here! :)

    2. And BTW, your Google+ account is still there. ;)

  3. Hey, Nick! Just saw your Google+ post about painting...I agree, so much more fun to paint with someone else. When we were in NE, a lady from our church helped me paint my bedroom. It probably would have gone a lot quicker if we didn't laugh so much in the process:) I even put pink "highlights" in my hair while doing it (it was an accident, by the way, but that's what happens when you lean your head on a wet wall:P Some people think I'm blonde at the roots, and there are times when I'd agree with them on that:0) )

    1. "Highlights" is the reason that I don't wear my cowboy hat while painting. :D I frequently stand up and hit my head on the top of a window casing or something similar, so the same thing happens. :D

    2. Pink is probably the worse color, though:)

    3. Nick, how do you get music to automatically play on your blog? (Sorry to leave a second comment, but it didn't start playing until I published the first one). I tried to autoplay, but I couldn't figure it out:)

    4. Sorry it took so long to reply. Your comments keep going into the spam. The playlist is from Grooveshark (that's why it's a bit small)
      I created a playlist and then tweaked the code so it would automatically start. If you want, I can email you the code.

    5. Hi, Nick. I just saw your reply to my comment on field days about the autoplay on your blog. Would you mind sending me the code? That is something I'd like to experiment with.

      By the way, I like the song you have as background music. I've never heard it before:)

  4. I love your new "soundtrack" can I call it that? Especially the first one! Funny how Ricky's arrangement sounds a lot like the Maxwells'?

    1. Thanks! I love that one and the last one! Ricky's is the original; he wrote the song with Billy Joe Foster, so far as I can tell, and the Maxwell's play it.


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