A Discourse on Pickup Trucks, of the Chevrolet Brand, Specifically the C-20 Variety and the Profit of Spending Time With One's Own Family

Howdy y'all!
The title may be raising some eyebrows, but it's sole purpose is to gratify the tastes of my friend from the United Kingdom. It is quite likely that my admirable attempt at a lengthy and eloquent title will raise fond memories of classic English and Scottish literature.
For us (lazy) Americans:
Nice Pickup Trucks and Time With My Family
Nothing against Americans, BTW. I am one (and I don't mind mentioning a bad quality about people that includes myself). :D

It took a while after Dad pointed it out, but I now really like it.

Isn't she a beauty?!

Looks great in sepia!

Mr. P, a very helpful mechanic at our church (thank you, Mr. P!) 

Feel free to skip these most important shots.

I did not want a picture of the tire. I wanted a picture of the wheel well. But Pastor and Mom liked it so I posted it.

I still don't know how much....

Something I'd definitely need to replace. (The cover, not the flywheel)
Oh, and I have to share this great song from the Victorious Valley Trio! Thanks, Heather for sharing!

Nothing in This World from Called To Make The Difference on Vimeo.
NOTE: I believe this video to be consistent with United States laws concerning Fair Use, and am not responsible for any legal issues from the use of the appropriately credited music sung by Victorious Valley Trio.
The above statement is to make sure I don't get into any legal trouble. You are welcome to skip it. :D
(If you have a problem hearing the video above because of the blogs music player, a) wait for the playlist to finish b) click on the link that says "Nothing in This World" Enjoy!!!!)

Gotta go to sleep, photo shoot tomorrow, so I'll link to Mom for the remainder of my post: http://goo.gl/u7jtN
God bless and y'all have a good night!
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. Oh man, I love it!! What motor/tranny does it have?
    I'm having to get the rear-end on mine repaired!
    My motor is just a 351M mated to an automatic. This V8 turns out a (not) whopping 150hp and 262 lb-ft of torque!

    1. Hey Nathan! Good to hear from you again! It has a 350 and the transmission is an automatic. I haven't been able to get many details on it; I have to talk to the guy first.

    2. And for the record, I don't own it. :D I just realized it might sound like that. This is one I'm looking at.

    3. Ah, a 350! I thought it would be a diesel since it's a 3/4 ton truck.

    4. If you hear about any deals on a C-10 or K-10 in your area, I'd love to hear about that. According to my cousin, those models run quite inexpensively in your area. The comment below explains all. :D

  2. Kathleen8/27/2012

    Has my brother been saying that you needed more literary-sounding post titles? :)

    Very creative. :D

    1. Not really, but I decided to humor him and I half-expected you might comment on that. :D

  3. Glad you enjoyed the video. You are more than welcome to use any of my videos off of Vimeo. I trust they are a blessing:)

    And, if you have any other suggestions as to how to better give credit for the music, I'd appreciate any input! I try to be careful with how I put things together.

    1. Thank you! They all are very much of a blessing, especially this group and Bruce Frye. The legality of it is questionable but if it is consistent with Fair Use, it would be wise to add that to the end of the video. I think you're okay, but this would be a better question for my friend Noogah.

    2. If you wouldn't mind asking your friend for me, that would be great! I don't ever want to get in trouble for my "ignorance" on this issue:) We thought it was all right, but if you think it's questionable, I'd rather be safe:) I'm sure you understand!

    3. Sorry, I seem to be making a habit of leaving two comments:) I looked up the Fair Use law (I don't know why I didn't think to do it myself earlier...blonde at the roots, maybe:D), and what I am using the songs for appears to be ok. But, I will add to the end of the videos that it is consistent with Fair Use. Thanks for your suggestion...I've honestly never heard of Fair Use before:)

    4. I'll ask him about it soon. :D
      I hope it's not illegal, because I have really been enjoying them!

  4. I love that truck! Could just see her driving up a dirt road to a farm out in the middle of nowhere or something. . . maybe a couple of kids in denim overalls riding in the back. :D

    1. I do too. Sadness, though, as I likely won't buy it. I just talked to the owner and he wants $7200. THe most I would pay is $3000. :/ Mr. P said expect to pay about $1500. Oh well. :D Guess I might as well start looking for a K-10 from the '60s. ;) (4WD 1/2ton chevy pickup)

  5. TheronG8/28/2012

    I have sad news for you, Nick: it is impossible for anything with the word "truck" in it to "raise fond memories of classic Scottish or English literature". "Truck" is a distinctly American word, a word that Burns and Shakespeare would never condescend to use. The correct British term is "lorry" :-p

    Is it possible to add a way to turn off the background music? Yes, I do like it, but if you try listening to it and watching the video at the same time, bad things happen.

    1. Ah, how could I have forgotten!? Anyhow, I utterly despise the word lorry; I'd never condescend to use it in a post title. And about the background music - guess I'll have to build a hack to make that work.

    2. TheronG8/29/2012

      Great! Now you need to make it start playing instead of paused...
      P.S. Despite various grammatical and terminological errors and inaccuracies, it was at least an admirable attempt at an eloquent title, and it was undeniably lengthy.

    3. Ok, ok.... I'm trying, Theron! :D (That was supposed to sound like yelling, however, I'm not upset) It's going to take me some figuring to get it working, I'm afraid.

    4. Kathleen8/31/2012

      My dear little brother,

      It is with great regret that I inform you that you are technically inaccurate on this matter. "Truck" is actually derived from the Middle English word "truicken", meaning "to exchange". I do believe that your inaccuracies extend to the claim that such great writers as Burns and Shakespeare would have never thought of using that word - had such things as "pickup trucks" (and they *are* referred to by that name in Britain) been in existence back in the 1500s, we would doubtless have such examples.

      P.S. Have you crashed yet?

    5. Theron hasn't told me if he has crashed yet, but this comment simply warms my heart. Theron - let the emails fly!:D


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