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I Was There!!!

Howdy y'all!
I know it sounds completely crazy, but I actually got to see Google make a change! Literally, as it happened.
I wondered why Obadiah's blog was loading so slow...
I'm sorry for this short post, but I just had to post it. What are your thoughts on it?

A Discourse on Pickup Trucks, of the Chevrolet Brand, Specifically the C-20 Variety and the Profit of Spending Time With One's Own Family

Howdy y'all!
The title may be raising some eyebrows, but it's sole purpose is to gratify the tastes of my friend from the United Kingdom. It is quite likely that my admirable attempt at a lengthy and eloquent title will raise fond memories of classic English and Scottish literature.
For us (lazy) Americans:
Nice Pickup Trucks and Time With My Family
Nothing against Americans, BTW. I am one (and I don't mind mentioning a bad quality about people that includes myself). :D

Oh, and I have to share this great song from the Victorious Valley Trio! Thanks, Heather for sharing!

Nothing in This World from Called To Make The Difference on Vimeo.
NOTE: I believe this video to be consistent with United States laws concerning Fair Use, and am not responsible for any legal issues from the use of the appropriately credited music sung by Victorious Valley Trio.
The above statement is to make sure I don't get into any legal trouble. You are welcome to skip it. :D
(If you have a problem h…

A Joke

Howdy y'all! The following is an excerpt from my cousin's blog:

Well, my first thought was "GREAT IDEA!!!! I think I'll do the, uh, same thing! :D So, here is my hair collection!
 Yes, it needs thinning out and I'll do that soon.
 The other part of my hair collection. My hair collection consists primarily of hair and my cowboy hat. I use combs when they happen to be available. (Just joking[for the most part {I hope}]:) Okay, sorry Salinn about that. I would have linked to your post, but only members of your blog can see it, so... Also, if I made a copyist's error, please tell me.
A note: I DID ask Salinn before I posted it. But, lest you think too highly of me, it wasn't my idea. Mom suggested that I do that to avoid... problems. :D All is well though and you have the freedom to laugh at the post. I almost entitled my post "Hair things" but that my scare might buddies off before they see the post. Also, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE POST BELOW. I'D LIK…

Please join to help free Youcef Nadarkhani

Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been wrongly imprisoned for the simple reason that he has chosen to be a follower of Christ. He has been falsely accused with protesting, rape, extortion, and, according to the Provincial Political/Security Deputy Governor, security crimes as a Zionist. He has been sentenced to death already, but he now has a court date of September 8. You can read more about the many inhumane injustices that happen to him and many like him, whether political or religious prisoners, all over the world.Join me, please on September 1st, 2012 in sharing the following hashtag:#freeyoucefnadarkhaniPut it at the end of all your comments, no matter how irrelevant. Share, +1, and join. Please invite all your friends to this event.  Show the Iranian government that somebody cares about what they do to people. God bless you!

Join here.

Life and Field Days

Howdy y'all!
For those of you who read my Google+ feed, you've probably realized that I've been busy. I have started posts each of those times I said I'd post, but I failed to finish them either from exhaustion or something more exciting coming up. ;) I'm going to try to finish this one with some semblance of order.
The first thing is I have been working quite a lot lately. I have been haying at Transfiguration Farm and prepping / painting at our house. New paint improves the looks of things quite a lot. I've been doing the window casings and baseboards. This includes removing the old paint and using body filler (nauseating variety, lol) to fill in large gaps and taping compound for smaller, interior ones. I'm going down to do some in about 15 minutes. Haying is the best job. It completely wears me out, but it's something I really enjoy a lot. (Breathing in hay chaff, throwing bales as far or high as I can, or standing in the top of an old barn pushing …