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Howdy y'all!
If any of you are still reading my posts (I don't blame you if you aren't) I am still alive. But I also am busy. Which is good. I've been working with Dad out in Moira, NY and Amherst, MA. Last week we were camping in a cabin again, thus the lack of posts. No wi-fi = no posts. :D
I honestly have no clue how anyone keeps up with a blog. It's not a Twitter account! You can't say things like "I just brushed my teeth and now I'm going to eat some cereal that I haven't eaten since I was five!" or "I just saw my best friend again. Wow, we had a blast!" Well, you can say things like that, but it tends to drive readers away. Lately, that's all I've had time to do, though. So I came up with a  brilliant (sorry Theron, I just had to borrow your trademark word :-D) idea. Here it is! Here, I'll posts smaller things when I don't have time to do a full post. Also, I have unlimited picture storage here! That makes me happy! Everyone is welcome to comment on these smaller posts, BUT I DO hold the key to all the posts and comments! Not that I think anyone of you would make a bad comment. However, the same rules apply on my "micro-blog" as on my regular blog. :D That said, let me dig into some ancient history.

Massena, NY Vacation


The job Dad and I (and usually Samuel or Joe, too)  have been working at is a few hours from our house, so it's not practical to drive to and from our house every day. For a while (as I mentioned earlier) we stayed with the family whose house we are working on. It was a really great time and we were close to the job. But it's also good to have our family up with us. It does mean that it's now a 45 minute drive to work, but that still beats 3.5 hours! We were putting the finishing touches on a post-and-beam building. We didn't actually build the building - it was one of those kit homes, but all it gives you is a shell to work with. It was great being there, but it is a long way from family and wi-fi and I'm glad to be back. :D

Almanzo Wilder Farm

I am sooooooooooo glad that the girls and Mom waited for me on this one. It WAS GREAT!!!!! :-D
Leah was getting cranky, so I had to take her out to the car for a pacifier. Everyone's talking about the black mark on the parlor wall when I came back. :D

Salinn, sorry I can't take pictures inside. They were concerned the pictures might be sold, otherwise I would have taken some. 

Yes, these pictures ARE free. I wouldn't mind if you backlinked to me though... ;)

My poor camera is both slow and blurry, but I managed to get him!

This place is living in style! Well, country boy style at least. :D
It wasn't actually part of the homestead, but a cowboy rode by and let us ride his horse!

He let me ride the horse myself. :D And I accidentally told it to go backwards... :(  I have much more to learn in the ways of horse handling. :D


We had a wonderful time visiting churches in the Massena area and making new friends. We visited Massena Baptist, Calvary Baptist, and Central Baptist. The second time we went camping, the pastor of Massena Baptist was camping at the same place! We had a great time of fellowship then next evening. We formed most of the group meeting at Central Baptist in the evening. If you think of it, please pray for Central Baptist that the Lord would provide a new pastor for them.



I went spotlighting one night, but this is the best picture.
I must have seen about twenty deer (at least one of them a buck) that one night. The deer overrun the place up there! About 500 feet from where this place was taken, there is a sign denoting the location of the 45th parallel (from there it is an equal distance to the equator as to the north pole). I hypothesized that the grass grows better there so the deer like this area because of how good the grass tastes! :D Maybe not quite...
It maybe hard to see in this video, but there are four deer in it.

Sadly, some guy came by and started hollering at me, thus scaring off my deer. :/
BTW, if you'll notice, there are no related links at the end! Thanks, Heather, for refreshing my memory on that!


Dad rented a motor boat for four hours. It was EXCITING!!! If we had wanted to, we could have boated right into Canada! It was literally 500 feet from the dock!

View from the bow of our ship. :D


Long Sault Dam

Our truck and car from the water.

My tour guide. :D Isn't he cute?

Dad, our boat operator.

"Get a picture of the wake!"

The Creation Adventure Team

The girls turn!

"Take your hat off Nick, or..." Yeah, I lost it. At leas it was easier to retrieve than when I lost my hat off of the Spirit of Ethan Allen III :D
Taking pictures while watching Leah for Mom.

She eats grass like an... :D She tries to eat grass when I'm not looking.

Isn't she cute?!?!? (About the time she's trying to get more grass...) :-D

Bluegrass!!!!! :D
That's all for this minute folks! I anticipate to post soon, but ya never know.... :D


  1. Great POST NICK !!!!!:) LOVED all the pictures. We were going to visit the Wilder museum last summer but it did not work out. Hoping to get there this year yet. :)

    1. Thank you, Aunt Nikki! :D I am trying to post more frequently. Hopefully the public Google+ will help... I wish y'all had been able to join us! :D

  2. Great post, Nick! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure the Almanzo Wilder farm was neat. Every time we go to see Dad, we pass a sign for the Laura Ingalls Wilder home in DeSmet, SD, and Mom and I want to stop. Maybe at some point we will. I look forward to going if we do:)

    Wonderful pictures, and it looks like you had a blessed time as a family. Have a great day!

    1. It sounds like a nice place to stop! Any place that is a homestead is a nice place to go. :D The horse rides were especially fun! :D I really wonder how people could not like horses...

    2. I truly enjoy riding horses, even though when I am trying to tell a horse to stop, I usually end up telling it to run:) Which means, I end up hanging on for dear life! I have yet to get thrown off, though. My brother Tom had a glorified view of horseback riding until he started this ranch job. He had never ridden a horse before, and they gave him a 30-second crash course on how to handle one, and then told him they'd see him at the end of the day:) Needless to say, he came back quite sore that night, not from being thrown off, but from using muscles he's never used before. He has quickly caught on to the technique, though, and I think he's only been thrown off twice. Praise the Lord he's never been hurt!

  3. Great pictures Nick, it looks like you all had a nice time. I like that farm and that horse! Btw, before I was familiar with horses and riding technique I often both mounted them from the wrong side and made them go backwards. ; )

    1. Have you ever been there? Our 3 families should all go there together someday or something. :D I really would like to ride horses more and learn how to ride them and handle them.

  4. That would be fun! I've never been there but each time I hear about it, I want to visit more. Learning to really know a horse does take time...but it pays off. I was so happy the day I took Glory trail riding up the mountian behind our place, it was awesome!! ;)

  5. Anonymous7/24/2012

    i just LOVE the pic of Lea. sorry that we missed u all last week. but we a great time. tasha

    1. Sorry we missed you too! We brought Leah to Martin's but you were gone :(. Glad you had a good time though. Say hi to the family for us. Sometime we will post a video of Leah just for you :).

  6. Hi there, Nick! I know this is somewhat off the subject:), but I was wondering who put together and designed your loop and way website (I mean the html and css)? I am in the midst of studying for my final exam in my Step One in Web Design--HTML and CSS course with Joseph Maxwell. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm enjoying experimenting on my own. Currently, I'm looking at different websites for different ideas:)

    1. Actually, I didn't design Loop and Way. I could have, but I'm uncomfortable with messing with the wordpress php code. I need to learn how to do that. I did do some CSS hacking to it though. CyberChimps designed the theme. They locked up the CSS wordpress stylesheet, so I had to decompile the zip and change the ore CSS. Hope I made this clear. :D If you have any questions, I can try to answer them better, or Nathan, my HTML / CSS friend can help.

    2. Got my test results back on Wednesday. I passed with an 88% (I missed three questions).

      So is your website technically a wordpress blog? I've considered using that to design my own need to pay for a domain name. One of our class assignments during the HTML course was to change the CSS in a Wordpress blog. It was actually a lot of fun (after I got over the frustrating part :D) Have you taken Joseph's web design class???

    3. Congratulations! Wow, there aren't that many questions on the test, I guess. If you want to do a website, I'd recommend using sixserve ( and .tk for a domain. It is totally free and then you can use Notepad++ and FileZilla to do your website. If you are interested, I worked on a free, WYSIWYG HTML / CSS editor for a while. It's still in need of development, but I could put it back up for you. I think the website might still be out there somewhere. I do not really know how to build wp themes from scratch. I would have liked to take his class, but no, I have not.

    4. Thanks for the info on the domain name. I am currently using Notepad++ and FileZilla, so this will be helpful. I'll look into it as soon as I get a chance. (And, there are only 33 questions on the test:D)

  7. Anonymous8/07/2012

    aaaawwwwww that would be great!!!!! i'll keep checking the blog then!!!! tasha

    1. I'll try to remember to post it... lol

  8. Great photos Nick, thanks for sharing. it is always nice to see what you guys are up're always doing something Aunt Kim

    1. Hey Aunt Kim! Thanks for commenting on here! I'm glad you liked the photos. Have a great day!


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