Playin' Mando with Mark

My friend Mark has let me use his mandolin each evening while we are in NY. So I've practiced for 8 days. (15-30 minutes, sometimes none) I like just thinking about a song and picking it out. Here's the product: (If you want the bloopers, you'll have to email me)
And Theron, was the camera to close to the fiddles this time??? :-P


  1. Sounds good :), Gracie says so too :).
    What time did you post last night? I did not go to bed early and there was nothing new from you yet.
    Can't wait to see you all tonight :)!!!!!!!!!
    Mark should have rented his mandolin to you :).

    1. I was happy to see you tonight! ;)
      And lol, he's even nicer han that. He could have gotten ich like that, though. :D

  2. I enjoyed the did a great job! I would love to add the mandolin to my list of stringed instruments that I play. But that won't be for a little while yet:)

    1. Thank you! I <3 the mando, because it is played a lot in bluegrass!

    2. I, too, enjoy bluegrass music (as evidenced by a lot of the songs I've posted). I'd like to record some more of my own playing to share (I'm in the process of recording a cd), but I haven't had a lot of time to work on it recently. Lord willing, sometime soon, though:)

  3. TheronG6/23/2012

    No, the fiddle wasn't too close this time. This time the mando was too close... :-P

    1. I know how you can't be satisfied. Maybe you should watch professional videos instead. :-P
      For everyone else, he sent me a very sarcastic email about the fiddles being to close in the last video. ;-)
      @Theron: Thanks for having the decency not to post that comment at least. :-D


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