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A post I never remembered to publish from several months ago.

Hi y'all!
I noticed a lot of people have been lurking on here, but nobody comments. If you are enjoying my blog, could you comment on things, even if you do it anonymously? I'd kind of like to know all my readers a little more. :-) Now I'm going to post more pictures from our TN trip. (Wish I could go again.) ;-)
The only picture I have retouched so far - Ruthie at a hotel in PA. Leola, PA
A Christian 15 Passenger van lot in Amish country. I found a 4-wheel dive one that I especially liked. (I don't know why you'd need a 4-wheel drive van, but I said we could go on off-road field trips...) Leola, PA
Country boy in the city. :-( But it was neat seeing all those buses! We actually parked our van with the big shots! (Over to the left, where there are MASSIVE tour buses.) Philadelphia, PA
It was pretty neat, but not as exciting as I thought it would be. And there were TOOOOOOOOOOO many people! Philadelphia, PA
It's kind of weird that I like people, and I like being with them. But I utterly dislike walking through a massive sea of humanity lumped into one area. I guess I get a claustrophobic feeling.
The real Liberty Bell! One of my favorite historical objects, besides the Statue of Liberty! (Yes, I LOVE Liberty!)
Elfreth's Alley - the oldest residential area in the United States and a quiet hideaway in the midst of the big city. (It's still city, though) People still do live here. I especially liked the encircled garden, where you see nothing but plants. Philadelphia, PA
My best times were with Grandpa (holding the camera) down in TN. Fall Creek Falls, TN
(Left to right) Mom, Aunt Rach, and Hannah. (Fall Creek Falls, TN)
An amazing treehouse! (Crossville, TN)
About the treehouse: Nathan, have you ever been to the treehouse? It's really neat, isn't it? It's really neat how there is a porch all the way up, just above the swing. Anyway, Aunt Rach let me borrow her water bottle for a second, and I put it to interesting use. There were a few people below, and a couple of them were screaming about rides on the swing. (No, I didn't dump the water on them.) I tilted just a few drops (well, maybe quite a few) on the ground below, next to a few of the screamers. The resulting effect was very entertaining. At least one of them jumped and started looking around. However, it was extremely simple to back up out of view of the ground, and I proceeded to do the same. When you are on the fort, it is essential to make sure that you do not go on a door to nowhere - there is at least one two stories up. The story behind it is - weird. The minister got a vision from God to build a treehouse!? I hear they still have church services in the chapel. And caretakers are taking care of it now. There is a No Trespassing sign, but the purpose of it is so that no-one can sue him if they get hurt.  I have heard he is going to set up a system where people can sign a waiver on entrance. I could have spent a whole day in that building! :-) One more funny story - In the top of the building, there is a belfry.
If I remember correctly, the story finishes like this: I rung the bells so hard, that two (older) girls who had been horsing around quite a bit and became terrified and fled. (They were also scared of the SHORT ladder) And I forgot what this post was supposed to finish with.


  1. Anonymous6/07/2012

    I'm enjoying your blog, so I commented anonymously.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I hope you've been blessed by my blog.

  2. I stop by often just don't comment.
    love gnandpa

    1. Hi Grandpa! Thanks for your comment! Grandma said you like reading the cousins ans our blogs. :)

  3. I still read even after you posted a horrible picture of me :(. Well, that picture does bring back happy memories .... happily very sick with little Leah newly growing in me :)... so I'll forgive you :).
    That was a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa too :).

    1. I didn't make any faces... I forgot about that you had Leah then. I wish I had that picture of Grandpa on the railing. :D

  4. Hi Nick,
    This is the second time I have come by today. First time to read. Now to comment. Always like pictures and I can see lots of reasons for a four wheel drive van. :)
    That tree house really is neat though it was kind of nerve wracking.The picture of Ruth is ADORABLE. :)

    1. The treehouse DID have a few rotten parts, I think...

  5. Hi Nick,
    I LOVED that tree house when we went. There are a lot of ways around up there. Mom and I went the wrong way from the chapel.:) Papa D made us go up to the top even though Mom did not want to.:) Wish the pictures from that trip were on the computer but I am not sure which card they are on and we did not have any of our blogs yet. Maybe I will find them sometime?:) It was fun though. Wish I could go there now. That is pretty neat that they have 4 wheel drive vans in PA. Well I just thought that I would leave a comment and say that I STILL read your blog.:) Oh and I like that picture of the Liberty bell too. I like Pa. ~Your cousin~

  6. Love that tree house! looks like y'all had a good time on your trip =)

  7. Nick, I enjoy your blog. I've been a bit out of touch with the blogland lately, having no computer at home. Praying that this will change soon.
    That post today was so interesting. LOVED that treehouse! It looked like a great time in the south. I know what you mean about hearing from readers; it is a great encouragement too.

    1. I hope your computer can be fixed soon!

  8. It's funny...I've lived in Crossville all my life (15yrs) and I had never heard of it til last month! We went for a few minutes on Friday and planning to go back and spend a while there. Looked pretty cool!

    1. That's really neat that you went there! Glad you enjoyed it!


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