I Wasn't Kidding.


Left: October 2006 model running on Dell Inspiron 1318 parts. Right: 2012 model running on MacBook Pro parts.
Howdy y'all!
It's been a while. For some reason, I feel a bit reticent now. So if I continue to fail to post, that's why. But I'll try to continue posting. :-) My cousin, Salinn, just joined Google+. I hope this isn't the end of her blog. I was thinking today how I wish more people would blog. Instead of posting crazy tweets... :-D
Ruthie as always: ON THE RUN!

We brought our BB guns - and shot at water striders.

My little buddy Johnny D. (D is his middle name - not last)

He moves waaaaaay too fast! :-)

Clay from Irene.

Joe is chuckin' rocks into the water. 
This poor squirrel fell from the tree on Memorial Day. Isn't he adorable? He half-heartedly bit me once, but he was very manageable and I'm fine.

That's all for the minute, my friends! One request: Could y'all please comment if you read my blog? I'd really appreciate it. :-D (Sorry, Brandon about the smiles) And a conversation starter: Wasn't the Memorial Day picnic a blast? See y'all next time!
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. Hi Nick,
    You're standing in the same room, but I'll comment anyway :) as I do read your blog :).
    I just love the squirrel pictures.

  2. TheronG6/03/2012

    I read your blog.
    So I commented.

    1. And I appreciate it. Especially the bluntly hilarious way you email and comment. :-D

    2. Anonymous6/04/2012

      I would venture to guess that Theron never dreamed his big sister was lurking around in the dark corners of your blog... :)

    3. Aaaahhhh!!!! I would have never guessed! Kathleen, right? Well, thanks for coming out of hiding... :D
      Theron will type more carefully now. ;)

    4. It is always sweet to see an older sister keeping an eye on her brother :). -Cowboy Nick's Mom :)

    5. Kathleen6/04/2012

      Yes, it's me. :)

      Now, I wonder if Theron is panicking and looking back through his previous posts to see if there's any he wants deleted... :D

  3. Hi Nick,
    Don't forget that squirrels do get Rabies. :) Seriously. Nice pictures.

    1. I am quite concerned about that. Would you know the symptoms?

  4. Your squirrel melts my heart. =) But that river scares it. LOL. just kidding. =)

    1. lol It's a bit scary when you slide down the bank.

  5. Your little buddy is cute too.

  6. LoL there's my MacBook Pro on the left! Did you know you've created a monster by giving me that thing?! LoL


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