Across the Miles

Or maybe "across da miles." I'm working with Dad and the guys on an out of state job and we're all having a good time. Some friends let us stay in a nice little apartment they have at the top of their house.  It's got a nice row of beds that all us guys can sleep in. I've got a mattress on the floor with my sleeping bag. I am so exhausted right now so this will be short. We've been working 10 hour days and then playing some guitar and mando after, so we stay up quite late. The family we've been staying with has been extremely generous and fed us dinner, but tonight we all went out for chinese. We had our own room (a good thing, considering the amount of laughter there was) :D Lighting was bad, therefore the pictures are grainy... :( I had left my camera in the truck, so I used my iPod. My camera is STILL in the truck, so I'm not posting any pictures of the job right now. :(

One of the daughters had a YouTube video of babies laughing on her laptop, and convinced some of us guys to watch it. It was funnier than I cared to admit to her. ;) She was laughing pretty hard though, and I thought that was funny. I pulled out my iPod like I was texting but I actually took a video. (I do that ALL the time) Then when it was finished, I said "look on YouTube for a video tomorrow of you laughing while watching this video"... If you are reading it, I PROMISE I did not put it on. :D
*yawn* I am exhausted. Good night, and I'll try to be more logical tomorrow. ;)


  1. Glad you posted :)!That is funny about the video as I almost posted one of Leah laughing! Now you can get some sleep and we will see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Mom

    1. It's good to be back. ;)
      Yeah, I'll admit the video was HILARIOUS!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Loved seeing everyone. :)

  3. oh I recognize that sweet family!

    1. lol I thought you might. =)
      We had a good visit. And we worked while were there too... actually, reverse that statement. The best thing was playing mando with Mark and guitar with Kurt.

    2. sounds like fun. =)

  4. Aaahh!!!! You actually did read it!!!


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