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At a campground

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to say that my only WiFi connection right now is at McDonalds! We are camping for at least a week, but maybe in the future we'll stay at the apartment we were at before... which means I'll have WiFi then! :D
I'll try to post again soon. ;-)
~"Cowboy" Nick

Playin' Mando with Mark

My friend Mark has let me use his mandolin each evening while we are in NY. So I've practiced for 8 days. (15-30 minutes, sometimes none) I like just thinking about a song and picking it out. Here's the product: (If you want the bloopers, you'll have to email me)
And Theron, was the camera to close to the fiddles this time??? :-P

Out-of-state Work (and Play!)

Just some photos of our time in NY.  A little singing at Company Picnic. Hannah and Emily on fiddles. Mark on mando. Me on guitar.
The voice I use for "The Old Account"
Thanks Heatherrose for the vids and Samuel for the pics! Goodnight, y'all!

Across the Miles

Or maybe "across da miles." I'm working with Dad and the guys on an out of state job and we're all having a good time. Some friends let us stay in a nice little apartment they have at the top of their house.  It's got a nice row of beds that all us guys can sleep in. I've got a mattress on the floor with my sleeping bag. I am so exhausted right now so this will be short. We've been working 10 hour days and then playing some guitar and mando after, so we stay up quite late. The family we've been staying with has been extremely generous and fed us dinner, but tonight we all went out for chinese. We had our own room (a good thing, considering the amount of laughter there was) :D Lighting was bad, therefore the pictures are grainy... :( I had left my camera in the truck, so I used my iPod. My camera is STILL in the truck, so I'm not posting any pictures of the job right now. :(

One of the daughters had a YouTube video of babies laughing on her laptop,…

A Song

He Set Me Free from Cowboy Nick on Vimeo.
"Cowboy" Nick sings "He Set Me Free" by Albert Brumley.

Thank you all for the comments! It's great to see the lurkers coming out. ;) I hope you are blessed by the video. I'm sorry if the quality is bad. I think it is better than my camera's though, and I did use some iMovie effects.

Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands:
 Sing forth the honour of his name:
make his praise glorious.
Psalm 66:1-2

More Pictures

A post I never remembered to publish from several months ago.

Hi y'all!
I noticed a lot of people have been lurking on here, but nobody comments. If you are enjoying my blog, could you comment on things, even if you do it anonymously? I'd kind of like to know all my readers a little more. :-) Now I'm going to post more pictures from our TN trip. (Wish I could go again.) ;-)
It's kind of weird that I like people, and I like being with them. But I utterly dislike walking through a massive sea of humanity lumped into one area. I guess I get a claustrophobic feeling.
About the treehouse: Nathan, have you ever been to the treehouse? It's really neat, isn't it? It's really neat how there is a porch all the way up, just above the swing. Anyway, Aunt Rach let me borrow her water bottle for a second, and I put it to interesting use. There were a few people below, and a couple of them were screaming about rides on the swing. (No, I didn't dump the water on them.…

I Wasn't Kidding.

Howdy y'all!
It's been a while. For some reason, I feel a bit reticent now. So if I continue to fail to post, that's why. But I'll try to continue posting. :-) My cousin, Salinn, just joined Google+. I hope this isn't the end of her blog. I was thinking today how I wish more people would blog. Instead of posting crazy tweets... :-D

This poor squirrel fell from the tree on Memorial Day. Isn't he adorable? He half-heartedly bit me once, but he was very manageable and I'm fine.


Hi! I'm back! I'm working on and, but my MacBook should show up this afternoon, and then maybe I'll post. Welcome back, y'all! :D