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[insert formal apology]
I know I haven't posted in a while. I was lost on a mountainside until some of my Tennessee friends sent a search party my way... Actually, I was busy with life. And I like to be anti-social sometimes. So that's why I haven't posted for about one month. I know my readers were about to start a revolution, but you can call it off now because I am actually posting...
[end formal apology]
Back to what I started on:
Today we went street preaching / picketing [not sure if that is the right word] / evangelizing with a dear Brother, Pastor Manuel from Lighthouse Baptist Church. Pastor stood on a busy street corner and preached with his bullhorn, while Dad, my friend Josh, Levi, and I carried Gospel signs. No sooner had Dad and I walked onto the sidewalk than two men approached and asked what was up with the signs. Dad told them, but they got a cell-phone call and left. Later on, a man and his girlfriend stopped and asked. They were very interested and asked many questions. We were able to give them a Gospel tract (God's Simple Plan of Salvation) and a Gospel of John. Please pray for Tyler and Linda. We would love to see them accept Jesus Christ. Pastor told us what to expect from people. Some people gave a thumbs up, "Hallelujah," friendly toot, and some people made it VERY obvious that the message was not appreciated. ;-) A gang of teens in a red car especially did not like the message. Please pray for all these people as well. A seed may have been planted in their hearts. Also pray for a man who refused a Gospel tract but saw the signs. (He was trying to look the other way as he walked past, but I greeted him and offered him a Gospel tract, thereby causing him to look at the signs. :-) Whew! That was a long explanation.)
My buddy, Josh, holding a sign for Jesus.
Folks, that's all I can remember about the street ministry. Please pray for Lighthouse Baptist Church and Vershire Bible Church as well.

Samuel enjoys making creations out of his knead-able eraser. Like tanks, revolvers, and airplanes. I just noticed he has a bit of a central theme...
Just found these on my camera. Way to good to pass up! I like the one on the right - it's painted to look rusty, but it looks cool like that.
They were passing through on some convoy and they went past our Church.
This frog was in our swamp. I'm not zooming in - the camera is literally "in his face."
An interesting modification.
Can you tell what I really like? A man brought this to Church for Mrs. V's birthday party. No, it wasn't a birthday present, but it was a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro. :-)
Planting the garden amidst the overwhelming sea of cameras. :-)
Ruthie smiling up at me. I'm on the fort.
Some *pretty* flowers. I know - the girls are laughing their heads off at me for saying that.  :-)
Yeah! It's a goose! Hold it, I'm not Mr. Castlebury. It's a baby chicken. (If you have no clue what it's about, read Our Homestead Story and Through the Years Together. I'd like to have a homestead, but probably I wouldn't want to copy him...)
Folks, I'm EDIT: VERY tired and it's taken me WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY to long to post this all. Goodnight everyone, and God bless! And don't forget to pray!
P.S.- Think of the +1 buttons as Amen's and thumbs up's and please use them if you can. ;-)

 1 Corinthians 3:6  "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase"


  1. Brandon, David, and I were getting worried about you!! Drivin' around in a Camaro and a Model T!
    Sorry about how long I've been, too, my family has been doing no-screen week to show that we're not hooked.

    1. Haha! Wish I was driving around in an older GM or Ford pickup right now. That's a great idea about no-screen week! Maybe in the summer. I need my computer for school. ;)

  2. Love the frog picture :).

  3. I had temporarily switched on comment moderation and forgot that I had. So sorry if it took a long time to reply. :D

  4. Haven't been reading blogs much the last couple of months, so I thought I would check in on your sweet family. From the looks of these pictures, you have quite the gift for photography. Awesome pictures!
    Some of our family went street preaching with our church 2 weeks ago and are going this Saturday as well. I will have to have Nathan take the camera and get pictures.

    1. Thank you for stopping in! Praise the Lord that you went street preaching! It is very spiritually refreshing to minister to the lost. The most recent time we went, we were able to personally talk to many people and one of them went to Pastor Manuel's church on the next Lord's Day! Please say hi to everyone for me!


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