We got chickens I'll finish the post later with pictures.
Posted from my iPod.
The feeder I won.


  1. You just had to post it before I did :).
    We will have to call you "Protector of the Chickens :)."

    1. LOL. I couldn't resist it. For everyone else, while we were at the chicken & pig seminar, the speaker was discussing pigs, and Dad was making (humorous, but real) comparisons to our family. One thing is that pigs are fiercely competitive. :-)

    2. TheronG4/05/2012

      Winston Churchill: "I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Only pigs treat us as equals."

    3. Ha-ha! Theron - thunderbird told me that the Adventurous Fellow said that, but I KNEW it had to be you. :-) LOL

  2. And you posted it before you had pictures!! Well, your feeder is nice anyway. Don't drop that baby!! Looking forward to seeing the chicken pics too.

    1. As I'll explain later, the chicks won't be here till April 25th.


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