BAD Idea, Pics, and Memories

Hi everyone!
One of the men at our church restores vehicles and he does a magnificent job! I would show you a picture, but I couldn't find it. Anyway, he asked me if I could give him a picture of his car because I had taken some earlier. Well, I've collected 6 memory cards that I can use in my camera. Of course, I only use 1, but I stuff the other ones in my bag (or my boot) when I fill them, instead of transferring them to my computer like I should! Result? I sorted through a massive amount of pictures... Correction: I inserted a card and looked through everyone of the pictures and sat and thought about them. That's why the post is called BAD idea! So, I guess I'll post some photos I have taken. My camera does not always like to cooperate, so many of my pictures were blurry. No problem. I have the simple philosophy that if you hit the camera button multiple times, you'll get a good picture! (Actually, that's not true - I like to take my pictures carefully.) Enough typing - enjoy the show!

Took this one in our back yard!
On the road to the best state - TN! I told them I was taking a picture and that they should look normal. Was that really a mistake?
This in Williamsburg, VA. This was the Governor's Palace. And here the lady is in the ballroom. Telling everyone how to dance. Real uppity / classy, you know. Ah, not thanks. I prefer staying a clown. :-) Guess I'm not a classy person. I know I would rather be a country boy than a king's son!

This is the Governor's garden's. They are beautiful!
...and I'm tired. It takes too long to post pictures. ;-) Maybe I'll post a few tomorrow. I didn't realise I had so many! Hope y'all have a good night!


  1. Wait,a minute...TN??? (ps:check my blog, I got a new one)Yeah, you all look 'natural'...:0)

  2. ,-last year...mmm...


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