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Just wanted to give all my followers a BIG thank you! We've reached 10! And my blog has only been out for a few months. Before I forget, I have a video I would like to post. It's from Brother Cloud's site, Please take a minute to watch it if you have not before. I think I've read most of his books, and (if you haven't noticed my profile) they're a great blessing!

 I have done some work on my mandolin lately, but I forgot to post about it.
Mandolin so far w/ bridge.

After my patch. I forgot to include a picture of it after it was sanded down.
You won't notice the patch after it's done, because the sunburst's edges are jet black. And I'll make sure this spot will be covered by it. Also, the tailpiece covers part of it. I have to get out there and work on it some more.
A couple of my friends said that the last post was "funny." Hmmmm... Funny? I didn't think so. Blackmail isn't funny in my opinion... I know some of you thought it was a joke. But it's not! I wouldn't joke about someone using bad words in an email. By the way, he's given up, I'm sure. No "letter from his lawyer," or anything like that. Dad was right! :-)
Anyone remember how I lost my 4 GB microSD card? They are so tiny. I thought Hannah vacuumed it up. This Sunday, I picked up my cowboy boots and, as always, tipped em upside-down and thumped them around to make sure there are no scorpions in there. (Just joking, there are no scorpions up here.) ;-) Out falls my card. Aha! I'd forgotten that I put it in there so I didn't lose it. I knew I dumped them out every Sunday. I have some pictures I want to post, maybe I'll do that later today. After all, I started this post two days ago and added these last two sentences and tags just now. :-)
Y'all have a great day!


  1. You'd never joke about anything with a swear word in it! If you did I'd believe something really wrong was happening there.

    Nice mandolin coming along. Glad you found your SD card. I've lost mine a couple times only to find them in some pretty bizarre places. :0)


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