... a lot has been happening. First of all, Grandpa and Grandma R. visited on Friday. I'm afraid I lost a good deal of those pictures, because I lost one of my microSD cards. It's probably in a vacuum bag somewhere, and it was one of my 4GB cards, too. :-(  Thankfully, I had my iPod. So here are some pictures. It was a gorgeous day, you know, sunlight everywhere, a minimal amount of mud, and the ground firm enough to walk on without drowning.
Someone's building up behind our house!

Just to give you an idea of the nice weather.

THIS is the foundation. At least they leveled the top.

Grandpa enjoying the weather.

Jonathan with his botanical collection. (His lab happens to be on our nightstand.)
We had a GREAT time! Grandpa is really fun to talk with. We played John Deere tractors (Grandpa, Jonathan, and I) and talked about old trucks, jeeps, tractors, and things like that. The hike we had was great, too! We also went up to the fort. Thankfully, we had built a ladder by now. When Uncle Charlie visited, it was just a narrow plank. And he walked up it. I thought he would certainly fall down! After we came back inside, I grilled up chicken. When I grill chicken - let's just say you won't get food poisoning. They were (very) well done. At least they weren't like my first try at bacon. I flame-roasted those! So well, in fact, that three of the bacons turned into ash-mounds. Once again, I must work on technique. (The rest became flavored charcoal, the product of a grease fire that got a bit out of hand) We seated ourselves in the living room after and sang different songs. We had a great time singing and (for me) playing guitar. Hannah videoed it, but forgot that it is not a great idea to sing while videoing. I'm waiting for her to leave the camera around so I can show you all the video. ;-) (She doesn't read my blog, anyway)
I always  miss Grandpa and Grandma when they leave. When I buy a piece of land, I'm gonna move to TN. Grandpa found a large piece of land just down the road from him for a mere couple million! I probably won't get that piece. :-( And trucks aren't cheaper down there, so I probably won't get a truck from TN, either.
Dad had a bad drive home back from MA. We got a VERY bad snowstorm. You know, whiteouts, slickish roads, and blackouts. Not the last one. I believe that refers to power lines. :-) Praise Jesus, he did make it home safely, though.
My mandolin has been at a standstill. I have to buy a bridge for it. Cheap? Nope. That's mandolins for you. Thankfully, I found a cheaper one elsewhere and I hope to order it soon. I've rambled enough for tonight, but I REALLY WILL try to post later. Yup. Just like I've been doing for 3 months. ;-)
Y'all have a great night!
~"Cowboy" Nick

1Peter 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

The devil is a rustler and many are his men,
Who ride the plains and valleys, damning souls and lives of men.
If you're a Christian Cowboy, then saddle up God's Word,
And start the trail a-ridin' away from the devil's herd.
Swing in to the saddle, Christian Cowboy;
Start ridin' and start ridin' hard!
Search the canyon of sin for the souls of lost men;
Bring in the strays for the Lord!
What outfit do you ride for? Are you the devil's hand?
Or is the Lord your Foreman and the rugged cross your brand.
Is hell your destination, or heaven your reward?
You're workin' for the devil or you're workin' for the Lord!


  1. I was glad you posted the place that sells the parts for the mandolin making. :)
    We have an old violin that was given to us that needs a few things and I was not sure where to look. A great project to work on I think. :)
    Sounds like you all have been busy. We had not been hearing much from your mom so I was starting to get worried that something was wrong. You are probably just busy. :)

    1. I'm glad you found the site helpful. However, that was the place where the expensive parts were sold. LOL. Here is the place I got the less expensive parts:
      Yes, we all are quite busy. It's a wonder we blog at all around here! :) Dad is coming home tonight. Yay!

  2. So you're not the only one in the family who wears cowboy hats!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yep! I kind of started the whole thing. Jonathan does and Samuel just got one. Joe likes his baseball cap, and he has a top hat. Some of my buddies have cowboy hats now. :-) I'm starting a trend, I'm afraid. Your hat is really nice, too!

  3. TheronG3/17/2012

    "It was a gorgeous day, sunlight everywhere, a minimal amount of mud, and the ground firm enough to walk on without drowning."
    Do you live in Scotland? :-)

    1. Nope. I live in America. I would have to move really fast for that. And I would have visited you right away to recruit your help in moving. :-) LOL


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