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Howdy y'all!
About the last post, a joke is not funny if you have to explain it. I forgot that it took me years (yes, years) to find out what it meant. I saw it on the back of one of my programming books. About a year ago, I discovered what it meant in an OOOOOOOLD book about the then "new" iMac. I have wasted too much space talking about that, but my buddy (Theron) sent me a picture in reply:
Why Germany lost. I never realized the hidden message!
Now for my next topic - SCAMMERS! They are driving me completely insane! I posted a cabinet on craigslist for Mom and I got some email replies to it almost instantly.
Thanks for getting back to me; I appreciate it andjust so you know; I'm okay with the condition, the price and I'm ready for the purchaseplus I'm willing to add an additional $20 so as to have itreserved in my favor. My form of payment will be by Check and it will be sendvia FedEx 1-2days delivery. I'll be responsible for the pick-up, and inaddition; the movers/pick up money will be included with your payment so as toavoid unnecessary delay and to enable movers to schedule an appropriate timefor the pick-up at your location after the check has been cashed in a timelyfashion as I have other properties to be moved alongside yours. I would havereally loved to come for the assessment of what I’m about to put my money onbut work won’t let me, just won't fit in my schedule nevertheless more pictureswill be deeply appreciated. Kindly get back to me with your full name, address,so as to make out the payment to you ASAP. Many thanks

Later he added an extra $30 making an extra total of $50! I saw that it was a fishy situation as soon as he offered an extra $20. :-( Mom wants to buy a stroller and we don't need the cabinet, so she was excited that someone jumped on it so quickly. She had some doubts about him too. Now the funny part: I received a check in the mail for $2,450! After asking him about this, here was his reply:
I just called (***)-***-**** I just to reassure you as I understand the check has been delivered. Thecheck is for $2,450, I really plan to give the movers $2,000 fornow, I'm trying to furnish a whole house and what that means is that I havelots of properties that the movers are helping me with although what I owe themis more than $2,000 but that's the amount I agree to payupfront and I will balance them once my properties are delivered. I'm offeringyou an additional $30 for your hassle plus the $20 Ipreviously promised for holding it for me and I think the transfer chargesshould be in the range of $150. The amount you will be sending themovers should be in the range of $2,000, I will sure balance themthe rest later.
I have been told that the name below is theperson in charge of their funds and they have made it clear that what they wantis Western Union Money Transfer.

Name:  GeorgeJoe

Address: 5929 Northwood Dr
GlenArbor, Michigan 49636

Please as soon as you send the money to the nameabove, Send the info to my email; the Sender's name and address (as it appearson the Western Union Money Transfer receipt), MTCN (10 digits#) and Actual Amount sent.
Thanks for your patience and understanding towards this transaction.
After some quick investigation, I figured out the guy was using some database program and filling in random information. I received the email above after I told him I wouldn't do anything with Western Union. By now he'd overstepped the bounds of believability. I replied to him with an email saying that we would not deal with a man who lived in Michigan, Ohio, and California at the same time! He needs to work on making more convincing addresses. The check was from a company in California, but the envelope came from Ohio. The company he claimed to be has no presence in either state. Very interesting. Mom and I offered for him to give me a call so he could hear me rip up his check, as I could not do business with him, because he was not a local. The check is obviously fake, and he has not replied, so I saved the rubber check. And no, I'm not going to try cashing it. That very day, someone else tried to do the same scam! I went to the craigslist page, hid the email alias and posted a notice that I would only deal with locals using the phone. So if they want to scam us, they'll have to go through Dad's cell phone! My biggest regret is that this so-called "Jon Carnegie" now has my tech blog address, because it is automatically posted in the footer of my iPod emails. :-(  Moral of the story: Don't let people contact you on craigslist via email and don't believe them about extra money. We have sold some stuff before on craigslist, but this last one has just deenergized me, and I don't feel as much like selling stuff there.For the record, craigslist is a legitimate place, but bad people use it in bad ways. I'm hoping this will benefit others greatly. Here is a link to craigslist's spam prevention page: http://www.craigslist.org/about/scams
I've got more to post, but I'll post later. Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE MAN! (Jonathan is 6 today)

EDIT:  I received a threatening email from him and I'd like to post it here. (I removed the profanity from Jon's email)
Title: you just made my day
Morning Mr. A****;

I'm gonna be brief with this; just got a call from my image protection unit notifying me of your blog; It's one thing to say you are not interested in a transaction and it's another entirely to smear me and in the process get some sort of audience. My Lawyer is been contacted and immediate action is been taken; you will be receiving a letter soon notifying you of my law suit against you; won't get into the details for now. Just know this buddy; You my friend are in serious trouble for so many things; one been accusing me of scam and you gonna pay this ****** up accusation... 

See you soon

My comment: "do private individuals need an image protection unit?" Good thing to think about.


  1. No, it's not a joke unless he is joking. Dad said he is probably just using idle threats. I took the post down when I read his email, but after talking with Dad, I put it back up.

  2. Aunt Rachael3/24/2012

    Nothing but a bully this guy.

    1. That's right! I still haven't received that "letter" he was going to send. ;-)

  3. I agree that these are most likely idle threats. Only good guys can afford to mess with the law. So sorry about all this. I've been scammed out of an iPod touch on eBay before. Bad experience.

  4. Well, hopefully he's moved on to something else and forgotten all about you.

  5. Just received a similar email from "Jon Carnegie" about some furniture I'm trying to sell on craigslist...I knew it was a scam from his initial email so I didn't get to his real scam email. the email address he used was Johnalan02@gmail.com...in case anyone else searches the email address or username "Jon Carnegie" to see if he's a scammer - he is!

    Thanks for posting your experience.


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