Our Fort (My Rendition)

Howdy y'all!
So I guess no one cared for my last post. Oh, well. I thought it was great. Tonight we are working on cards for some friends. Here is the drawing I did for my friend's letter:
An accurate rendition of our tree house.
If you wonder how I did it, here's the basic breakdown:
I drew the picture.
I scanned it onto my laptop and opened it in GIMP.
After making a few photo tweaks, I started texturizing the image. After about an hour of work (I forgot to save and messed it up a few times,) I finally came up with the picture. Hope you all enjoyed the post!
P.S. - I removed the music player for a while because it is doing something weird with Flash. Hope to have it up soon...
Y'all have a great night / evening /morning (I have international friends LOL)
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. Nice!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw, I hope my last comment was'nt what made you change your note on top of the comment link. =)

    1. Thanks!
      No, Mom didn't understand what I was trying to say (I typed it at about midnight when only half of my brain was active, and NOT the thinking part) Your comment was fine, don't worry about it. :-)

  2. I tried to give it a sort of paper cutout style.

  3. Very nice pic of the fort! I love the way you did it with the texturizing. Who's that cowboy in the doorway?!


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