I'm Getting a Voicebox Transplant!

Hi y'all!
I know it's been a while since I posted ... I'm sorry about that and, as I always say, I'll do better in the future. You're probably wonderin' what that strange title is. Well, first of all, I'm NOT actually getting a transplant. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY! :-) But I had a good reason for wanting one. Lately, I've noticed a few times that a sound like someone who - let us say I do not especially admire him. I thought it was just me, but yesterday while doing math, Mom jumped and said, "You sound just like MITT ROMNEY!" I was devastated. I know I try to avoid politics on this blog, but I am not a Romney-man. Well, it was just great. (I speak much of this with a tone of irony and sarcasm) For the remainder of the day, I was "Mitt." I was crestfallen, humiliated. Why couldn't I sound like Santorum or Buddy Davis or just about anyone else !? Okay, folks. It wasn't THAT bad. I have dried the tears from my face, gotten back up on my feet, and proved to Theron that I love writing in a humorous and ironic tone... I was joking about most of this, but I really do sound like Romney. So I'm going to start talking like a southern boy now. That's right y'all. Jist fer the record, I ain't a sensitive type o' feller, but I ain't takin' too well to have my character smeared jist like that.
Well folks, have a great day! I hope you enjoyed my narrative and that Theron adds this to his list of best stories. :-)
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. Pathetic Nick! You did sound JUST like him ... and you are not watching any more political debates!!!!!! You have AWFUL spelling :). I hope you are putting as much effort into your Chemistry class as you are your literary writings :)! Get back to school and have a great day! :)

    1. (For those not present in our home at the time of this comment, I peered at her computer screen as she typed the comment. The unabridged version was, to say the least, very bad. :-) I believe I watched three Republican debates with Mom and Dad. My hypothesis is that I sounded like him all along. They just heard so much of him that they remembered what he sounded like. THIS is a scientific approach! Originally it had said: "Have a great day, Mitt!" )
      Now, for my defense: First of all, writing is natural to me. I do not put effort into it. Most of the time, at least. Stoichiometry, molality [sic], and double-displacement reactions do not flow from my heart, but writing does. I guess my Chemistry will be much easier now, considering almost no effort is needed... :-) I need more complex faces - where are they when I want them??? :-) I probably should go help Joe boil the syrup now.

    2. TheronG3/09/2012

      Have a great day, Mitt!
      Sorry :-)

    3. My dear Watson, :-) let us speak of the matter no more.

  2. I shall have to listen more closely - that is, if I can hear your true voice through that thick southern accent.

  3. LOL I can change my voice whenever I like, but no always consistently.

  4. I just wanted to post a great email I got from Theron:
    "Your problem is that you’re looking at things backward. You should be saying that Mitt Romney sounds like you, not the other way around :-) I’d rather vote for you than for him."
    Thanks, Theron! Want to be my running mate? :-) LOL


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