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Thanks, y'all!

NOTE: If you haven't, please check out the previous post.
Just wanted to give all my followers a BIG thank you! We've reached 10! And my blog has only been out for a few months. Before I forget, I have a video I would like to post. It's from Brother Cloud's site, Please take a minute to watch it if you have not before. I think I've read most of his books, and (if you haven't noticed my profile) they're a great blessing!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ from Way of Life on Vimeo.  I have done some work on my mandolin lately, but I forgot to post about it.

You won't notice the patch after it's done, because the sunburst's edges are jet black. And I'll make sure this spot will be covered by it. Also, the tailpiece covers part of it. I have to get out there and work on it some more.
A couple of my friends said that the last post was "funny." Hmmmm... Funny? I didn't think so. Blackmail isn't funny in my opinion... I kno…

A Quick Update

Howdy y'all!
About the last post, a joke is not funny if you have to explain it. I forgot that it took me years (yes, years) to find out what it meant. I saw it on the back of one of my programming books. About a year ago, I discovered what it meant in an OOOOOOOLD book about the then "new" iMac. I have wasted too much space talking about that, but my buddy (Theron) sent me a picture in reply:
Now for my next topic - SCAMMERS! They are driving me completely insane! I posted a cabinet on craigslist for Mom and I got some email replies to it almost instantly.
Thanks for getting back to me; I appreciate it andjust so you know; I'm okay with the condition, the price and I'm ready for the purchaseplus I'm willing to add an additional $20 so as to have itreserved in my favor. My form of payment will be by Check and it will be sendvia FedEx 1-2days delivery. I'll be responsible for the pick-up, and inaddition; the movers/pick up money will be included with your pa…


The sign says it all.

26 out of 50!