More Mandolin Building!

So Dad helped me tremendously today with my mandolin project. Nope, I'm not strumming on it right now. It is (seems) to be coming along though. :-) So here are some pictures:
After I traced the "map" on.

Illustrating how to shape the contour on the mando. I'm afraid I drilled some of the holes too deep. Well, I'm stuck with it now, and it looks all right. :-)

Dad illustrating how to use the grinder (He did about half of the top for me, for which I was VERY thankful! That thing can chew up wood like a bear can eat!)
Some of you are probably saying, "Did you do anything? I don't see you in the pictures!" That's because... I'm taking the pictures. :-D Mom may have posted a few of me at work on her blog, though. Ah, yes! I found one:
Please excuse the goofy face. That's why pictures of me are rare - I have a hard time making nice faces in front of the camera.
Some of the boys boiled about 1/2 gallon of syrup today. I did it last time, so it was Joe's turn this time. :-) We happened to have more sap this time; therefore, it boiled from about 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Late. :-/
If you hear any loud music while visiting my blog, sorry. I'm working on a media player. (Salinn, if Mercy is in the room, you may want to turn it down. :-) )
Y'all have a great evening!
"Cowboy" Nick


  1. That mandolin is looking great!!

    P.S. You have a nice blog. I hope this is "fitly spoken" and ok.

    1. Thanks, Hannah! And don't worry, you were fine.

  2. Your mandolin project is coming fine. Looking forward to hearing you play it, Nick!

    1. Thanks! It could be a while, but I'm looking forward to playin' it!


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