Finesse, Force, and BRUTE Force

Howdy y'all!
It's great having Dad back from MA. Wow, it felt like he was gone a LOT longer than three days. We're all glad to see him. And I was happy to see the sawzall as well. Two hours of hand saw work and almost NO progress showed that my arms are WAY out of shape. After a bean bag war with Joe, they're feeling somewhat better. If Aunt Rachael makes me a few more, ;-) I'll have bulging muscles. LOL. Aunt Rach, we played with the bean bags you made YEARS ago. Unfortunately, the beans had a way of emptying themselves until only one remained unscathed. So, I KNOW you all are tired of hearing about the ... mandolin. I've talked about it non-stop for several posts. And I'm going to launch into more talk about it right now.
Enough handsaw work! The text on the blade says "The AX." Just what I needed. :-)
Split. Yay!
Roughed out with the jigsaw and fine-tuned with the scrollsaw. I still have work to do.

Mom and Baby Leah

Nothing is done halfway! Mom purchased new sugaring equipment for us. Thank you, Mom!


  1. You guys should be all set.You even bought a it works better then the candy themometers we have bought before.:)We never have very good results with them.:)

  2. Thanks! Actually that's not a thermometer - its a hydrometer and it shows us when the syrup is done. Mr Hutchison uses one when he does his boils, and it takes a lot of guesswork out. The cup is what the hydrometer goes into when it's full of syrup.

  3. Yes, the hydrometer will be such a help for sugaring. Hope the sap begins to run well for you. Where do you boil, outside?
    We love the reciprocating saw also, you can really chop stuff up! and the mandolin is looking good. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Uncle Josh corrected me.:)He hasn't even read this post but he knew what I was talking about..I have seen them many times and we even have one.....but never knew what it was called.Thanks for the correction.Maybe we will try ours.Uncle Josh had said we might.The sap smells so good when it starts to boil.MMMMMm!!!!!

  5. @syds1girl: Yes, we do boil outdoors. I really like the scroll saw a lot, but it will be a while before I finish it.
    @(Aunt) Nikki: I can't wait to try ours. It will take a lot of the guesswork out.

  6. Your welcome Nick! I had a wonderful time watching the excitement on each of your faces. A wonderful memory :).

  7. Waiting for an update!!!:)Aunt Nikki

    1. LOL. I got an email for Grandpa asking for an update, too. I knew I wouldn't get one from Salinn... ;)


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