Finally, a post!

Howdy y'all!
I'm sorry about my infrequent posting lately. I've got a new baby sister and my head is not on my computer (sorry, Nate)- it's on... something else! The latter I will discuss after the former.

Point #1: My new baby sister!

Her name is Leah Catherine and she is a girl. Girls, if you are reading, you may want to check out Mom's blog for details. The information I am currently giving will be sufficient for us guys. :-) She came a couple days ago on February 1st, delivered by an army of four midwives! This is the first time that has ever happened! Anyway, I forgot all the details, but she is very cute and I spend as much time with her as I can, so I am sure she will like bluegrass music. (If you don't follow my good logic, that's alright.)
Here are some pictures for y'all:

My cousin. Salinn holding her. Yep, she likes western stuff too.
Lydia holding her.

You probably are wondering why there are no pictures of MY family holding her. I took all the pictures of her right after birth with my iPod. And I am too lazy to grab it right now. (It's in my pocket) Actually, the reason is because I reverse-jailbroke it and it isn't playing nice with Ubuntu which I am on. Anyway, she's really cute, and I love her a lot, just like I do all my siblings.

Point #2: A mandolin

My latest project is a mandolin. It's not just a mandolin - it's a Kentucky Bluegrass F-style mandolin. That's the way I like mandolin. I'm just in the starting stages right now. I got some plans off the web and since the site is obsolete, I have hosted them here. The plans are 25 pages pieced together to make one big one. I pieced the upper four together as that is the art I am working on first. I am practicing on a piece of plywood. I'm making the final one in spruce. Below are some pictures of what I've been doing. Also, I added a new page to my blog with (seemingly) helpful webpages. If any of you find the template for the top arch profile, I'd be really grateful.
Sorry it's rotated wrong. This is the plan set.

The part of the plans I am working on.

Can you see the fine outline from the carbon paper? They are not easy to see in the picture.

Roughing it out with the jigsaw.

Getting to the finer aspects with the scroll saw.
Since I am not a big carpentry guy, my tools are few in number, so Joe has shared some of his tools with me. Using a coping saw for it would not be what I would call "fun," but his scroll saw does a great job! :-)
Halfway done!

Finished! Note: This is a prototype.

Today we had to stay home because of Leah. Please pray for Mom. I thought she was dying yesterday. She started shivering like crazy and bursting into tears. She was very cold. It's happened a couple times since and before, though not as bad. Sorry it took me sooooooo long to post, folks. One last thing - thank you SO much to all of you who have brought food and cards - you've blessed us very greatly.
~"Cowboy" Nick


  1. I'm going to your Mom's blog now. I didn't know she was having any problems. Praying for her right now.
    Love the mandolin prototype! going to be great for you!!

  2. Making a mandolin sounds like an interesting project.What a nice brother Joe is to share his tools.:)Leah is adorable.Sorry to hear your mom is not feeling well.Hope she calls her midwife as she should probably be checked out.We will be praying.:)~Aunt Nikki

    1. I should clarify that the midwife said she probably is all right, but it scared Dad and me quite a bit. Thank y'all for praying!

  3. I under stand that logic completely! Cause I had a really nice little nephew once which I tried to make into a Chemist&MathWiz. Alas, it failed. And I'm stuck with a computer geek. :0)

    1. He does like math and does enjoy Chemistry, even if he all but aces it. :-) And a computer geek isn't THAT bad of a thing to have around. Salinn really likes computers, too.

  4. Congratulations Nick! Also, cool mandolin design.

    1. Thanks, Adventurous Fellow! I'm hoping to actually finish the mandolin. Do you play an instrument?

  5. Yes, I play piano. I'm also hoping to learn guitar soon from my pastor. I'll have to find an inexpensive guitar first though...

    1. I've got a Silvertone that Mom and Dad bought for me from Costco. It's inexpensive, but it sounds waaaay better than most inexpensive guitars. Guitar is my favorite instrument with banjo and mandolin coming in next.

  6. Howdy Nick,
    Leah sure is a cute baby. Your mandolin looks real neat. Are you going to try a banjo next? We have a trumpet now and I hope to learn to play it. Dad was trying today it sounded like he needs to practice we took a vidoe of him even and he just said "Sure go ahead and video me" So we did it is only like a second as Moms camera is low on memory so we stopped. Maybe I will learn one day? Well this is getting to be a long comment so I guess that I should stop here. ~Salinn P.s. I will try to update tonight.

    1. Hi "Cowgirl" Salinn, :-)
      I have to agree with you on that. She is the cutest little baby we've ever had (every one of them is / was). I saw that you got a trumpet. That is pretty neat. Joe was saying how he wanted to be a blacksmith and forge trumpets! I could see a possibility for a song there... "Blacksmith Joe and His Forged Iron Trumpet" :-) When you said you will learn one day, was that trumpet or mandolin? My totally unbiased opinion is that mandolin is better. :-) No bias at all... We could have a sort of band. Lillian C. wants to learn mandolin and Rose might learn banjo. This could get really fun.
      I'll check your blog for an update. Needless to say, I updated mine again. :)

  7. Hannah4/11/2015

    Howdy Nick,
    What's your mom's blog? Your baby sister is so adorable. :)
    God bless you.

    1. Hi Hannah,
      I know quite a few Hannahs so I have no clue which one this is. :) I would definitely agree with Leah being cute. Mom's blog is


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