13 Days Later...

So, here it is, thirteen days later. And I STILL have not posted. Well, I'm gonna now, if that isn't obvious. :-) Currently, I am trying to appease Leah while blogging with one hand. Oh, the Maxwell Family is playing bluegrass at full volume in an attempt to sooth her. It is all the music I have in Ubuntu and my iPod is in the shop. She's quited down some and I hope Mom and Dad will arrive soon. :-) The reason I haven't blogged for thirteen days is because I haven't worked on my mandolin for thirteen days. :-O  But I am today and Dad has been helping me quite a bit. (Guess I had more music on here than I thought; a little Michael Shull mountain dulcimer is on now and she seems to like it.) So today, I pretty much put a big contour map on my mandolin. (Next mando I make, I'll DEFINITELY shell out the cash and get Stew-Mac plans. I just know something is wrong with the shape. As long as it sounds right, I'll be happy for now.) After tracing out the map, Dad showed me how to make a jig and helped me get started with the dial caliper and a block of wood. After working on drilling (probably too many) pilot holes, I got this:
Boy, that reminds me of a dobro just a little bit!
 Mom and Dad are home, so it's time to eat. I'll post one more time tonight, promise! The reason they're home (seemingly) so quickly - I was fiddling with a music player for my blog.


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