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What We've Lost

I saw this video and I thought it was good. It just reminds me of the times when railroad workers sang as they straightened the rails. Now they pop their earbuds in and mope around all day. What happened?
The player is Uncle John Scruggs, an American banjo player born into a slave family. This is his only known recording.  It is from 1928. I just love this video and the joy on everyone's faces. Makes me wish I was there... I hope we can keep this tradition alive in America.

More Mandolin Building!

So Dad helped me tremendously today with my mandolin project. Nope, I'm not strumming on it right now. It is (seems) to be coming along though. :-) So here are some pictures:

Some of you are probably saying, "Did you do anything? I don't see you in the pictures!" That's because... I'm taking the pictures. :-D Mom may have posted a few of me at work on her blog, though. Ah, yes! I found one:
Some of the boys boiled about 1/2 gallon of syrup today. I did it last time, so it was Joe's turn this time. :-) We happened to have more sap this time; therefore, it boiled from about 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Late. :-/
If you hear any loud music while visiting my blog, sorry. I'm working on a media player. (Salinn, if Mercy is in the room, you may want to turn it down. :-) )
Y'all have a great evening!
"Cowboy" Nick

13 Days Later...

So, here it is, thirteen days later. And I STILL have not posted. Well, I'm gonna now, if that isn't obvious. :-) Currently, I am trying to appease Leah while blogging with one hand. Oh, the Maxwell Family is playing bluegrass at full volume in an attempt to sooth her. It is all the music I have in Ubuntu and my iPod is in the shop. She's quited down some and I hope Mom and Dad will arrive soon. :-) The reason I haven't blogged for thirteen days is because I haven't worked on my mandolin for thirteen days. :-O  But I am today and Dad has been helping me quite a bit. (Guess I had more music on here than I thought; a little Michael Shull mountain dulcimer is on now and she seems to like it.) So today, I pretty much put a big contour map on my mandolin. (Next mando I make, I'll DEFINITELY shell out the cash and get Stew-Mac plans. I just know something is wrong with the shape. As long as it sounds right, I'll be happy for now.) After tracing out the map, Dad …

Finesse, Force, and BRUTE Force

Howdy y'all!

It's great having Dad back from MA. Wow, it felt like he was gone a LOT longer than three days. We're all glad to see him. And I was happy to see the sawzall as well. Two hours of hand saw work and almost NO progress showed that my arms are WAY out of shape. After a bean bag war with Joe, they're feeling somewhat better. If Aunt Rachael makes me a few more, ;-) I'll have bulging muscles. LOL. Aunt Rach, we played with the bean bags you made YEARS ago. Unfortunately, the beans had a way of emptying themselves until only one remained unscathed. So, I KNOW you all are tired of hearing about the ... mandolin. I've talked about it non-stop for several posts. And I'm going to launch into more talk about it right now.

Mandolin update

Just posting from my iPod. I'm halfway through the big board that is going to be the soundboard. I'm using the handsaw since dad has the saw all and he's in Massachusetts. :-)
I'll post more tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!

Rich and Poor

Blacksmith Chase posted this and I really liked it, so I decided to share it. I thought it was really good.
Years ago there used to be a rich man who had a young son. Wanting him to learn about different ways of life, he took his son to the farm of relatively poor family for the weekend.
When the weekend was over the Dad's limo came and picked the two of them up. On there way to the airport, he asked his son if he had learned the difference between being rich or poor. "Yes I did" said the young boy. "What is the difference?" asked his Dad. "Well," replied the boy " we have a swimming pool that extends out to the patio, but they have a stream that has no end. We have one small dog, but they have five, and all kinds of other animals. We have a big house with a room for each person in our family, but they have a small house where they get to be with each other all day."
His Dad speechless, the boy said "Thanks Dad for showing me…

Mandolin Day 2

Howdy y'all!
Today a couple cousins came over to meet Leah. I visited for a while, and then (being the unsociable introvert that I am) disappeared to the storage unit with Dad to get some lumber, I mean, tonewood. My tonewood happens to be nothing more distinguished than a carefully cut piece of 2 x 10. :-) We worked it out so that there are no knots, and the grain is as straight as possible. In the end, we had two fair-sized pieces and I glued them up. 2 x 10's are made of spruce for those of you who are as ignorant as I about building. (Quite embarrassing when you consider that Dad IS a carpenter... :-) ) Enough typing! Picture time!
What you have seen is pretty much all that is necessary for pictures. For the keen observer who has noticed the nasty knot in the corner, that will be cut out.
We also saw a black squirrel there, a first for me. They are native to our area, so I'm surprised I haven't seen them before.
Y'all have a great evening!
~"Cowboy" …

Finally, a post!

Howdy y'all!
I'm sorry about my infrequent posting lately. I've got a new baby sister and my head is not on my computer (sorry, Nate)- it's on... something else! The latter I will discuss after the former.

Point #1: My new baby sister!

Her name is Leah Catherine and she is a girl. Girls, if you are reading, you may want to check out Mom's blog for details. The information I am currently giving will be sufficient for us guys. :-) She came a couple days ago on February 1st, delivered by an army of four midwives! This is the first time that has ever happened! Anyway, I forgot all the details, but she is very cute and I spend as much time with her as I can, so I am sure she will like bluegrass music. (If you don't follow my good logic, that's alright.)
Here are some pictures for y'all:

You probably are wondering why there are no pictures of MY family holding her. I took all the pictures of her right after birth with my iPod. And I am too lazy to grab it r…