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Today, I helped a friend with her Kindle. Wow, the Kindle touch is not nice to your eyes! It's grayscale and the transitions are very choppy. When you are reading, it is not so bad. It was fun to try my hand at something new, though. I hope to post a video of me singing sometime here. Be prepared - it's not top quality. =) I have much to learn in that direction. I watched a clip of an appeal of help to persecuted Christians in North Korea. What happens to them is simply shocking. We must pray for them every day. I will post the video after I have watched it through. Some of our brothers and sisters in Christ have had their nails pulled one by one... and then their teeth! Every now and then I wonder if that will happen in America. And then I think, "Could American Christians stand up to any of that? Would Christianity in America fade into oblivion?" I believe either a) persecution will come and Christianity will  be reduced to 1000 or so true Christians, or b) persecution won't need to come if everyone is "praisin' Jesus" in a contemporary church. When we were shopping today, we listened to a CD about William Tyndale. One of his friends was put into a small box with holes for not one or 2, but EIGHT WEEKS! As if that was not bad enough, there were holes drilled in the box. If he began to fall asleep, cold water was poured in. If that did not work, his tormentors put hot iron pokers in! My friends, how much is your faith worth to you? I am afraid that mine would not last more than two days in that situation. With these thoughts for you all, I bid you goodnight.
"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."
Matthew 24:35 KJV


  1. TheronG1/30/2012

    I'm going to express an unfriendly opinion and disagree :-)
    Has persecution reduced the numer of Christians in places like North Korea, Iran, and China to only 1000? No, the churches there are actually growing.
    Somewhere in one of Paul's letters, I forget the exact location, there is a verse that says that no man is tempted beyond what he is able to bear. If persecution does come, God can and will give us the strength to bear it.
    I think there is more danger of drifting into '"praisin' Jesus" in a contemporary church.'

  2. Actually, if you'll notice I agreed. I wonder how many people in America worship God in spirit and truth. That is what I meant about Christianity being reduced to one thousand. Many carry the name of Christianity; but, like I said, they are "praisin' Jesus" in some contemporary church and I daresay that a good number if not most are unsaved and, in fact, have know true knowledge of the Jesus of the Bible. What you just stated is what I was more or less trying to say. Maybe I wasn't clear about myself. I have a knack for doing that sometimes. :-)

  3. BTW, thanks for joining my blog!


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